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During the lunch break, when the sheriff informs Perry that Sommers could not have committed the murder because of the mileage readings on Sommers' jalopy, Perry asks, "Could the speedometer have been tampered with?" then continues to refer the the "speedometer" mileage readings throughout his questioning of Sommers. It's a vehicle's odometer, not speedometer, that measures distance. jfh 14Dec2016

At the episode’s end, Paul, Perry, and Della drive off in a jeep—with Della in the back seat! Not very chivalrous by today’s standards! Submitted by Ed Zoerner, 8/23/2010.
+ Not particularly chivalrous back then either! But if Perry let Della ride up front, they wouldn’t have gotten to show off Della’s shapely gams as she climbed, unassisted, into the jeep’s back seat . . . while wearing her White High-Heel Shoes! This is the second or third time the trio came out to the desert in the jeep and Della wore high-heels each time! (And it really was the desert! These scenes were shot on-location.) Submitted by Gary Woloski, 2 December 2011.
+ Perry seemed to be enjoying the view as Della climbed into the jeep. And he was assisting her with his right hand on her left arm. Submitted by DellaFan, 11/21/2013.
+ You can see Della say "Ow!" when Paul presses on the accelerator and she falls back a little! And she taps him on the shoulder for it, too! Submitted by Welshwoman 04/11/15

There is a middle-aged woman in a dress who somewhat resembles Barbara Pepper, but I don’t believe it is she. Does anyone recognize her? Submitted by gracenote, 2/16/2011.

Della (in dark mine shaft): “It’s dark in here.” Paul: “What did you expect, streetlights?” [Unidentified submission.]
+ 1. Guess what footwear Della is wearing down in the mine? RIGHT! High-Heel Shoes!
2. The production crew gets my accolades for adding the realistic reverb to the recorded dialogue in the mineshaft scene! (Shot in studio, not a mine, I’m sure. Barbara Hale couldn’t have climbed down a real mineshaft in those shoes!) Submitted by Gary Woloski, 2 December 2011.
+ Paul was just getting back at Della for her having referred to him as "stupid" in #149, Borrowed Baby. Submitted by DellaFan, 11/21/2013.

This episode has everything but a courtroom: Paul Drake being sarcastic, the “town coot,” the “western town feisty older woman,” Mason’s stock manipulation, shots ringing out in the middle of the night, too many names to keep straight, and Paul wearing feminine-looking sunglasses. Quite enjoyable. Submitted by cgraul, 9/26/2011.
+The 3 "M" episodes - Military, Mining, Maritime - are among my favorites due to their Different VENUES & Characters. Mike Bedard 2.24.15.

Speaking of letters, I found the writers had the fondness for surnames beginning with B. In this episode, we have Boler, Bowen, and Braddison. I recall previous episodes with Balfour, Baskim. Beechum, and Baxter. I will have to do a study. Submitted by Perry Baby 8/18/16

This episode appears to use some of the same sets in the previous episode, "Shifty Shoebox", down to the wallpaper. Clinton Sundberg appeared in many a big MGM musical, including "Easter Parade", "Annie Get Your Gun", and "Good News". DODay 12/21/17