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Actors are listed alphabetically by surname along with the episodes in which they appeared. In the lists, each episode title begins with something like "The Case of" and is followed by the episode number and the date the episode was first aired.

The Actors Lists were compiled mainly from the trailing credits. There are a few cases where an actor from the opening credits has been included.

The cast lists on the Episode Pages were generated initially from a database prepared by Charles Richmond from the Actors Lists. Because the Actors Lists have been "adjusted" (see below) for name variations, the names in the cast lists may not match the names in the credits. If you see this situation, please fix it.

Some recognized actors were credited slightly differently in different episodes. The most often used form of the name was used here. The alternate name is noted and the affected episodes are marked with an asterisk.

Some names are very similar. This may be correct, or it may be because of a typographical error by me or by the person who prepared the episode's credits. Or, maybe I just did not recognize an actor using a different form of his/her name. If you find an error, please let me know.

Beginning on about 30 December 2003, any actors listed separately because of slight name variations were combined under one name with a note to show the alternate name. This had been done earlier for some names but many overlooked names were found by Charles Richmond during the preparation of his database. The listing name was determined from the Internet Movie Database where possible. Thanks to Charles Richmond for finding the errors and encouraging these corrections.

Some actors deliberately used two names during their careers and are listed separately with a note referring to the other name. More about these can be found on the Credits Anomalies page.

On 7 April 2007, alphabetization was adjusted to use a "phonebook" sort. Thanks again to Charles Richmond for his work in finding the anomalies.

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