Episode #218
The Case of the Missing Credits

As mentioned elsewhere, the credits of episode #218, The Case of the Bullied Bowler are mostly missing! Encouraged by Tom Rankin and discouraged by the fact that it seems like no one has ever seen the credits for this episode, a project to recreate this show's cast list was launched. This effort is now (12/98) essentially complete and the data has been merged into the database.

Special thanks to Neal L. Smith for sending me a tape of this episode. I never realized how hard it is to ID actors just by sight!

Thanks also to the German cable-TV channel Kabel 1. They run Perry Mason daily, dubbed in to German. Their online listings for the shows include cast lists showing the usual character and actor names plus the names of the German-speaking dubbers. Curiously, their cast list for episode #218 is also incomplete: Marla Carol, Rose Carol and Marla's Boyfriend are missing!

Note: Actor names in bold print are considered "solid." The table follows the order of the Kabel 1 listing with the missing characters inserted at "logical" places. Allan Hunt as Marla's Boyfriend is uncertain but has been visually confirmed by my wife and I from a similar scene in episode #180.

6/00: Allan Hunt has been upgraded to "solid" status (bold print) thanks to information provided by Linda Adams by e-mail.

Actor Character
Michael Connors [9] Joe Kelly [0][9]
Anne Seymour [1] Bonnie Mae Wilmet [1][3][6]
Milton Selzer [0] Dr. Max Taylor [0][6]
Patricia Morrow [3] Marla Carol [1][2]
Robert Harland [0] Bill Jaris [0]
Paul Lukather [1] Alan Jaris [1][3]
Jeff Donnell [2] Rose Carol [1][2]
Charles Gray [0] Jack Baker [0]
Maurice Manson [6] Orson Stillman [1][6]
Patricia George [6] Linda Terry [1]
John Gallaudet [0] Judge [0]
William J. Tannen [5][6] Sergeant [1][6]
Elizabeth Harrower [6] Sadie Neumann * (Babysitter) [1]
Lonie Blackman [6] Marge [1][6]
Allan Hunt [7] Marla's Boyfriend [4]
Alan Rice The Baby [8]

* Bill Storrer points out that the name is spelled Noymann. Note: It's spelled that way in the cast list. The name here came from Kabel 1 [6]. Neumann in German sounds like Noymann. [8/2/06]

Sources (indicated in table by bracketed number)
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[2] Jan Simko, from [3]
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[4] Gerry Wright
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[8] Alan Rice, see Trivia for Episode 218
[9] In opening credits