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Find an Episode's Title from a Character's Name

Ever find yourself in the middle of watching Perry Mason on TV, but not knowing which episode is playing? Here is the answer for you! This is a little Java script that will look up an episode title based on any one of its unique character's names. Please wait for the page to complete loading before using. Click the Find Show button to try the sample!

Enter a Character's Name:  


A single first or last name will work if it's unique. If not, enter the full name, first and last. Still no success? Try another character. Remember, spelling can be tricky. Don't use initials, titles, ranks, abbreviations, occupations or descriptions. Entry is not case sensitive.

Ugly Details and Limitations: This feature does a simple linear search of a list. The first part of the list contains unique single first or last names. The second part contains selected first-name last-name pairs, one name of which is usually not unique. Middle names have been removed. Duplicate names have been removed so some characters just aren't there. The spelling of some names has been "improved." The complete list has about 3,300 entries.