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The Real World of Perry Mason

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These items have been moved to the appropriate episode pages. Episodes which currently have location trivia are too numerous to list. Search for "Location:" (in quotes) with the Wiki Search box in the sidebar.

Establishing Shots
Those short scenes showing a building or locale that are used to set the scene for upcoming action. Click the picture for more information. Use your browser's back function to return here.

Hall of Justice The Hall of Justice
Seen in a panning shot before a scene in the jail. Built in 1925, this building also housed the criminal courts until 1973. USC Los Angeles Walking Tour site here.
Mosk Courthouse The Courthouses: Stanley Mosk and Others
Courthouse establishing shots are seen throughout the series with the Stanley Mosk Courthouse (pictured) being the most famous and frequently seen.
Brent Building The "Brent Building"
Seen in an upwards pan shot before a visit to Perry's office. In real life, it was the Bank of California building at 6th and Flower.
Burbank Airport The Airports
Seen throughout the series, several airports have been used in establishing shots and some as the stage of action. The picture shows the popular Burbank Airport.
County Hospital County Hospital
Seen throughout the series, from various angles, before a hospital scene.
Plummer Park Plummer Park
Located at 7377 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, this park was handy when an outdoor locale was needed.
Las Vegas Las Vegas etc.
A popular dwelling place for people that put pressure on Perry's clients, the shots usually feature some familiar signage.
Bars and Clubs Bars and Clubs
Popular locations for moving the story along, exteriors are occasionally seen. Shown here: Red's Reef Bar and Grill.
Chatsworth/Iverson Ranch Chatsworth/Iverson Ranch
Eric Cooper points out some exterior scenes that look like the area near Chatsworth, California. (9/21/07)
The Houses The Houses
There are many real homes used in the series. Some more than once.
The Lakes The Lakes
Several episodes feature a lake as a location. Here are a few.
1040 N. Las Palmas General Services Studios 1040 N. Las Palmas Ave.
The General Services Studio is a popular location since the show was filmed there for awhile. The address appears often as well.
1040 N. Las Palmas Address Shots
This is an unusual establishing shot in that we don't see a location but an address. A popular form is the vehicle registration. Sometimes, the address has special significance.