(:title General Comments This is one of my favorite episodes. I am stunned that one of the comments refered to Peggy as creepy and pathetic. I thought she was terrific. Panzer1950 You can edit thpanzeris page and post your comment.

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As a long-time viewer. An economic reality. Thanks for your efforts on the site. JohnK 16 Oct 2020

Interesting screen test footage. Submitted by CMC Oct 18 2020

You can watch the full, complete 9 seasons on IMDB.com; I access through Prime Video. Commercials, yes, but no cuts. Amazing. So much better than MeTV. Rick P 10/13/21
+ Correction! There are a few episodes missing; so far have discovered the TCOT Antic Angel, Reluctant Model, and Missing Melody are not included. Don't know why those were excluded, but regardless still a great way to see PMs on demand. Rick P 10/21/21

Thank you Big Dave for "escaping the salt mines" and putting together all of the details that make up the Perry Mason Wiki sight which gives insight into what great story telling is, all that is involved in theatre production, from the writers, the producers, the actors, the production details like location, and props that add to the story, and the sense of a team effort, and seeming fun, that all involved have....and your wiki site keeps this sense alive in the current day.
> Like "Big Dave", I came to appreciate Perry Mason while watching re-runs during the 80's sometimes during the day, sometimes at night after work. Back then, I simply liked the Perry's dedication to what is true, and defending the innocent, and being able to immerse in the late 50's and early 60's era, and a sense of the "anthropology" of the post WWII boom that made Los Angeles a great American city, and the optimism of that era.
> Now that I am close to "escaping the salt mines" myself, and rare to watch television for lack of good shows, though there are a few that really are great, I have slowly bought dvd's of every season of Perry Mason, and appreciate it even more, and all the detail that this website brings out.
> The details are nearly endless, the highlights being, the actors themselves, from Perry's dedication, to Paul's "LA Cool" Gentleman detective, to Della's fidelity (is it because she is "of the street" , so appreciates and is willing to help Perry? Is that E.S. Gardner's sense?), to Hamilton Burger and Lt Tragg (the actors whom I saw while randomly watching an old movie channel, in a great B movie, where Talman plays an idealistic young cop who stands up to corruption and gets killed doing so, and Ray Collins plays the corrupt mayor of this city), to all of the character actors over the seasons, to the clever details of the stories based on E.S Gardner which have good lessons about human nature to learn from, to the adaptions made by the writers to fit into a one hour format, to the producers, especially, what must be the great influence of Gail Patrick Jackson, without drawing attention to herself, seemingly, the desire to tell a great story in a way popularly accessible to the public.
> Thank you to all involved for producing something great, that is a public benefit, and fun at the same time.
John, San Francisco, CA 4/16/22
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> Thanks to Dave for creating and maintaining this wikipage, and to the fans who continue to post interesting and sometimes hilarious comments. It's wonderful to be able to share observations and favorite aspects of the show with others; a community that really helps keep the show fresh and even relevant to today's realities. dped 1/14/24