General Comments and Trivia

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We have just completed a major overhaul and upgrade to the systems running the wiki and the actor database including being mobile-cellphone aware so that now it is more user friendly for those folks.

By now you are seeing context sensitive ads populating various wiki pages. The reason for these is to pay for the monthly and annual website and various domain fees as well as paying for the recent wiki upgrade work.

So, how are we doin'? Can you live with the ads? Without them we'd have to solicit cash contributions since the volunteer work by "the Maintenance Crew" only took us so far until the Dave Brockman legacy funds finally ran out several months ago. Please consider sending send a quick email with compliments... complaints... suggestions... or just to say "Hi"... at or post a comment here on this General Comments and Trivia page. re-submitted and revised by CMC 10/22/20

Work was done to improve external links to the IMDB actor pages and to the internal links running between the PMTVS wiki pages. Submitted by CMC 10/9/20, revised 10/22/20

Nice job on the new wiki page formatting, Petko! Submitted by CMC 10/9/20

I love the new look. The ad hacks were annoying. Thanks for the updates. Submitted by Rickapolis 10/09/20

Nice new look! However, with the now light yellow sidebar, the main section white background needs to be subdued a bit. Possibly a light grey/heather would work. Submitted by HamBurger 10/10/2020
+ Please allow me to second this opinion: the white background is much too stark. jfh 20Oct2020

As a long-time viewer I am fine with the ads. An economic reality. Thanks for your efforts on the site. JohnK 16 Oct 2020

Testing background colors. If you have any comments, please post them here or send an email. As you move around the wiki you will see that some pages have a different background color. On the database, there are two tests: yellow and white. Submitted by CMC Oct 17 2020

Interesting screen test footage. Submitted by CMC Oct 18 2020

I think I prefer the white to the yellow (hey, black and white was what Perry was all about...right ??) You might save the latter colour for TCOT Twice Told Twist...though I'd be happy with 'black-on-black' with that episode (such is my opinion of it). Notcom, 102020

CMC and I have enabled light yellow background for the color episodes (Show 262 and the - new - ones). And then to test three different sample backgrounds we've enabled those on episode pages with even numbers; while odd numbers are white:

  • old newspaper yellow even episodes 10, 12,..., 98 (example)
    • hover the mouse cursor over a photo to test the "sepia" filter
  • very light gray even episodes 100, 102,..., 198 (example)
    • hover the mouse cursor over a photo to test the "sepia" filter
  • slightly darker light gray even episodes 200, 202,..., 270 (example)
    • hover the mouse cursor over a photo to test the "sepia" filter

Follow the [previous-next] episode links to see the difference from the white background. The community should decide which is best and we'll enable it globally. If it were me I'd probably use the last one, the slightly darker light gray. --Petko October 21, 2020, at 06:21 AM, and by CMC October 21, 2020 (Revised)