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We have just completed a major overhaul and upgrade to the systems running the wiki and the actor database including being mobile-cellphone aware so that now it is more user friendly for those folks. CMC 10/22/20

Please consider sending send a quick email with compliments... complaints... suggestions... or just to say "Hi"... at or post a comment here on this General Comments and Trivia page. re-submitted and revised by CMC 10/22/20

Work was done to improve external links to the IMDB actor pages and to the internal links running between the PMTVS wiki pages. Submitted by CMC 10/9/20, revised 10/22/20

Nice job on the new wiki page formatting, Petko! Submitted by CMC 10/9/20

I love the new look. Thanks for the updates. Submitted by Rickapolis 10/09/20

Nice new look! However, with the now light yellow sidebar, the main section white background needs to be subdued a bit. Possibly a light grey/heather would work. Submitted by HamBurger 10/10/2020
+ Please allow me to second this opinion: the white background is much too stark. jfh 20Oct2020

As a long-time viewer. An economic reality. Thanks for your efforts on the site. JohnK 16 Oct 2020

Interesting screen test footage. Submitted by CMC Oct 18 2020