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That $400,000 in stolen money would be worth about $2,867,800.83 today. The $1500 that Mason charges Arlene to find her trailer would be $10,754.25. Definitely a bit over the top as Della comments. Actually, although I realize Perry was testing her, I think he’d get in trouble today with the bar association if he did that. Arlene pays $2500 ($17,923.76) for her trailer and finds $18,000 ($129,051.04). Perry gets a $25,000 ($179,237.55) reward which he turns over to Arlene and her father. The way that girl spends money, she’ll need it. Submitted by billp, 12/27/2008.

+Bill Emory states "the robbery took place on Tuesday, May 3rd". This episode was part of the 57-58 season. May 3rd was a Tuesday last in 1955. But Bill Emory has only been fired for the past 10 months. Submitted by PaulDrake 33. 13 April 2015.

+Anyone watching the syndicated version of this show will be puzzled about the picture on this page of Della and Paul Brinegar (dressed as the messenger), since that scene is always cut out of the televised versions. Submitted by PaulDrake 33. 13 April 2015,

+ This episode was unusual in that the murder seemed gratuitous, and as such morally unsatisfying: as has been argued, the victims are traditionally vile persons, or in a few cases - such as Sleepwalker's Niece, where the killing is integral to the plot - the character is (simply) undeveloped; but here neither is true: Uncle George is a nice guy and little reason - perhaps no reason at all in the syndicated versions - is given for his death...but it's PM so we know "someone's gotta get it", sentiment be damned. Lamented by Notcom , 082417.

Tragg arrests Arlene and says the trial is the next day. In court both Perry and Burger have miraculously developed their cases. In fact, Burger says "the state has gone to a great deal of trouble to prepare its case". Those are two fast working attorneys! Submitted by Kilo 3/7/2018.