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It's not too surprising that the progressive producers of PM cast the partly ethnic-African, Frank Silvera, in an important role as a "White" man. According to Wikipedia, Silvera's mother was a Jamaican of African descent, but his father was a Spanish Jew. Wiki says that, on the stage, the versatile Silvera played the fathers of actors Ben Gazzara and Anthony Franciosa. He also played Mexicans and even a Polynesian. Tragically, Silvera was electrocuted, at age 55, while repairing a kitchen garbage disposal. As a World War II Navy veteran, he was buried at Long Island National Cemetery. Submitted by MikeM, 10/24/2012
+ Just to add to MikeM's comment above, noted Black Conservative Thomas Sowell said in a column that appeared a few years back in the Chicago Sun-Times, that he enjoyed both Perry Mason and Law And Order shows, but preferred Perry Mason because he thought that Law And Order was trying to teach him social lessons he didn't want to learn .. so the oddness of this episode, as well as the one with the Black actor portraying a judge (with no dialogue, yet) must have gotten by him. Or maybe not? Submitted by MikeReese, 9/4/2014

Where was Lee?: Burr stand-in and longtime supporting actor Lee Miller seems to have been away from the set for this episode, for the role of Sgt. Brice was filled by one Chuck Webster. Odd that for one episode they wouldn't just find another name for the sergeant in the script. Submitted by francis, 07/05/14.

TIME TUNNEL: Original viewers may have heard Conway Twitty's "It's Only Make Believe," the # 2 song in both the US & UK the 2nd week of 1958. Mike Bedard 6.2.16. //

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode

Goof Burger announces his next witness will be "Mrs. Martin Ellis," but then proceeds to tell us she isn't legally his wife: he should refer to her either as "Mrs. Viktor Pulaski" or by her maiden name; (curiously, he continues the reference throughout her testimony, while Mason notes the inconsistency and does the opposite...thus each giving implicit support to the legal argument of the other). Observed by Notcom, 091516.

What happened to Carolyn?: This is another episode that is slightly frustrating. The last scene on many of the stories should have been used to mention the fate of some of the characters in the story. Carolyn was accused of helping Brewster embezzle the money. Wasn't she also guilty of withholding evidence? Was she charged with any crime? Submitted by H. Mason 10/14/14

I find it odd that Tragg said he could not detain Hyett at the crime scene to be sure he was not involved (he was) or removing something from the crime scene (which he did). He had no cause? Hard to believe. Submitted by Perry Baby 2/1/15