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John Stephenson seems to have done voice work in every cartoon up until 2014, most notably as Mr Slate in The Flintstones. vgy7ujm, 01/07/2020

Virginia Arness was the ex-wife of James Arness. This episode was her final acting role. Submitted by Craig, 4/23/2010.
+ She has 10 IMDb credits from 1949-60, including 2 "Gunsmokes." Mike Bedard 7.28.16 //

Joan Staley was the November 1958 Playmate of the Month. Then just 18 now 19 in this episode. Bill767 1/3/16.

Location: The exterior of Pacific Palms appears at 10:44 and again at 14:36 on the DVD. A friend of mine owned this building in the 80s. It’s located at 757 Ocean Ave. in Santa Monica. If you look closely you can see the address and “Pacific Palms” on the window. Submitted by Eric Cooper, 14 September 2010. Some pictures here.
+ The second shot appears to have been "darkened" perhaps to indicate a later time of day. However, the sun's shadows are in exactly the same place in both shots. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 11/24/13.

The very traditional interiors have no relation to the mid-century modern exterior. DOD 08/27/19

Sightings: A great many regulars watch the proceedings in court today, including Distinguished Gentleman #1, the Cute Young Lady, the Quiet Old Man (#1), and the Little Old Lady in a Hat (a/k/a Little Old Lady #1). And just who are they? Submitted by gracep, 9/26/2010; updated by gracenote, 2/4/2011.
+ Miss Carmody joins the court scene on Burger's side. Cute Young Lady plays a secretary around the 20 min mark. In addition there are three scenes (2, 18, 21 min) involving the cosmetics department and elevator with the Cute Young Lady, DG #1 and the below mentioned Robert Wegner. Bill767 1/3/16.

Uncredited Actors: The often uncredited Don Anderson also turns up, and can be seen in the same shot with DG #1 and LOL #1 (see Sightings above), whispering and conferring as Patricia makes emotional accusations on the stand. Submitted by gracep, 9/26/2010.
+ At the opening of the scene in the Nelson building, Robert Wegner walks briskly into an elevator. Additionally, Veteran extra Sam Harris also sits in the courtroom gallery. He is not on our Uncredited Actors page yet (see link in sidebar). Submitted by gracenote, 12/23/2011.

Phillip Terry’s most famous role was one he performed offscreen. Terry was Joan Crawford’s fourth husband. Submitted by Fifty-Niner, 4/6/2011.

There are no Cast Cars or significant Background Cars in this episode. Gary Woloski 6/26/12.

Coincidentally, this episode originally aired just 2 weeks before a "Bonanza" episode with Fintan Meyler and Wesley Lau (later PM's Lt Anderson). cgraul 11.4.12

Robert Doniger's phone appears to have no dial sticker indicating the phone number although a rectangular sticker which looks to have been blackened out can be seen. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 11/24/13.

Writer Sy Salkowitz became president of 20th Century Fox Television...MikeM. 7/27/2016

This in the second of two PM appearances for Fintan Meyler, who won a beauty contest in her native Ireland before moving to the USA...MikeM. 11/2/2016

This is the only PM appearance for Charlotte Austin, was named after the city of her birth, Charlotte, North Carolina...MikeM. 8/2/2017