If Sandra Keller was smart enough to know about ballistics tests, why didn't she hide the shotgun a little better? When she went to return the check to Thornton, a man who had made a lot of trouble for her family, why would she accept a drink of anything from him? She had recently threatened to kill him. What possible reason would she have to stay in the trailer chatting and drinking water with him? The circumstantial evidence in this case was very flimsy and not very well thought out. When Lt Anderson was found in the architect's apartment, he claimed he didn't need to be invited in because he had a warrant for Sandra's arrest. Since Sandra was not hiding from the police and did not live there, how would a warrant for her arrest let him enter a private citizen's home? Submitted by DellaMason

In yet another example in Perry Mason of an attractive young woman disregarding her personal safety, we see Janis Carr, clad only in a bathrobe, answer the door. Luckily for her it was only a leering Paul Drake. Submitted by 65tosspowertrap, 11/13/2013.
+ She also appears to be wearing stockings as she gets out of the shower judging by the appearance of reinforcement in the toe area. Submitted by Perry Baby 6/7/16
+++ Reinforcement in toe area? I saw no evidence of stockings.
++ Her spitcurls, in Hardtack's courtroom scene and again at the construction trailer talking with Andy and Paul, are amazing, apparently glued in place following a line just under her cheekbones --- the left one curled up similar to a man's old-fashioned handlebar moustache, and the other one more straight. They were more symmetrical during Sandra's trial. jfh 30Dec2019

Closed Captioning Anomaly During his testimony on Hardtack's behalf, Amos states that he once had worked as a beeherder. Though the line isn't spoken (may have been edited out during production or edited out during the MeTV airing), the closed captioning displays the line, "Carried the queen in a jar ... " jfh 30Dec2019
+ He says the line “Started out with the queen in a bottle for the others to follow.” off camera. (DVD version.) Kilo 11/12/2020.

When Sandra is awakened by Hardtack and runs out to check on him, we get a brief glimpse of that Renoir print “Girl With a Watering Can” that appears so often. DOD 01/27/22

Sandra (called "Sondra" once by Perry) has very well-manicured, very long nails, seen when she's handling the shotgun at the murder scene. jfh 29Nov2016

Hamilton handles the shotgun very carelessly during his cross-examination of Amos. jfh 29Nov2016
+Lt. Anderson also handles it carelessly (when he discovers it during a search) by picking it up bare-handed and spoiling potential fingerprints. Third_Generation_Fan, 1/15/2021

Mr. Grimsby wears Hamilton Burger's hideous spotted bowtie in the banker's office, and again in court while on the witness stand. jfh 17Dec2018.

Pick up the phone!: Why didn't Perry check-in with Della when he was away from the office for long periods of time? In this story she said she had been trying to reach Perry for almost two hours. In many episodes she (or Paul) would find him at somebody's home or office. It would make more sense if he had called the office every hour. Submitted by H. Mason 1/22/15

Lee Van Cleef makes a pre- The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly appearance. Van Cleef served on a mine sweeper during World War II. I wonder if he saw Raymond Burr while serving his country? After the war, he became an accountant of all things! He started out in community theater and was discovered when he got a non speaking part in High Noon. Submitted by Paul's Operative. 2/28/2024.

The Spanish-American War was waged from April 25-December 10, 1898. 110 Medals of Honor were awarded, including one to Lt. Col. Theodore Roosevelt 103 years later! Mike Bedard 2.10.15.

DA Burger tells the S-A War veteran that the Prosecution contacted the "WAR" Department about the legitimacy of the Medal of Honor award; the WAR Department became the ARMY Department in 1947 when the DEFENSE Department was created. Paul Drake's reference to the "Pentagon" is more accurate. Mike Bedard 2.11.15

Call my agent !! In yet another example of a major role going uncredited, we're not told the actor - actress??...I didn't look that closely - who played Hardtack. It was a fine performance, displaying both breadth and nuance...or at any rate, better than some of those of Virginia Field ! Submitted by Notcom, 022416. // + It is my opinion that Hardtack was trained by Frank Inn, the trainer of Higgins (Dawg on Petticoat Junction and Benji in the movie of the same name). He supplied all the animals for Petticoat Junction and Green Acres, and he liked staging scenes with multiple animals, such as appeared in the dog pound scene here. His dogs tended to act quite naturally, as Hardtack does, not showing "hard" training of the old school. He favoured "mutts" and trainable dogs from the Los Angeles Pound. He also trained cats and a series of piglets who appeared as Arnold Ziffel. He was rarely credited.

Vic Perrin is credited as "Assistant D.A. Rice," but wasn't he called the CITY ATTORNEY in the script? "The LA City Attorney is an elected official who serves as the city government's attorney & as a criminal prosecutor for Misdemeanors. The LA County District Attorney prosecutes Felonies," notes. Mike Bedard 5.29.16.

Whippersnapper! Hamilton Burger gets called a "whippersnapper" by Amos Keller. CLASSIC!!! HamBurger 7/23/2016

As Burger waves those slippers about, it is clear the soles are not only free of blood stains, but show no signs of any wear at all. Besides, given the position of the body, I don't see how blood could have gotten on them. DODay 12/04/1

Burger says that the oranges in the grove are so valuable that they can literally be described as golden. I think that he meant to say figuratively. Submitted by vgy7ujm on 6 June 2020.

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode

When Courtney Osgood makes his dramatic confession, he whines that, as an officer of his bank, he was banned from investing in the bank's customers. Why couldn't he use his financial skills to invest elsewhere? Submitted by vgy7ujm on 6 June 2020.