Constance Ford really has a sinister way about her. Similar to the maid from the film Rebecca.

The question is: What is that huge structure on the skyline looming over the Tarrs' street in "Palmetto"?

I think we are seeing the superstructure of a collapsible or telescoping natural gas storage tank. See the 'gas holder' entry in Wikipedia ( Rory 10/24/13.

(and submitted by email on same date:)

The structure mentioned in the Trivia entry is actually a Natural Gas tank, called a 'gas holder'. . We HAD two telescoping holders in Framingham, Ma; where I grew up. From SkipF via email on 10/24/13.

+ This is fascinating stuff. You can sometimes see Gas Holders on the opening panoramic shots of Dragnet, when Joe Friday is doing his "This is the city...Los Angeles..." travelogue. This might help you confirm their locations. What a tempting terrorist target they would be today. Submitted by 65tosspowertrap, 3-11-2014.

TIME TUNNEL Perspective: Original "Potted Planter" viewers might have heard on MAY 9, 1963: "US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site," Cold War themes sometimes appeared in PM episodes. Mike Bedard 2.18.15.

That elaborate staircase set makes yet another brief appearance when Jimmy is on the phone with Nelson Tarr.

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode

Bad Information: After it was revealed that Martin Walden aka Edward Montrose did not lose his money gambling, what did Paul mean when he said: "...Walden's a bad loser. He cries to the bartenders a lot..."? Submitted by H. Mason 2/11/15

Martin Walden, who was using the alias Edward Montrose in Las Vegas, could have been setting up an excuse for why he didn't have the money. But then, why didn't the bartenders gossip with the pit bosses or dealers? $20,000 in 1963 is like $155,000 in 2016. lowercase masonite, 3/5/16.