Company Name: The business run by B.K. Doran was named Vero Plastic as seen on the wall outside of his office. The sign at the lodge said Vero Plastics. Submitted by H. Mason 3/11/15

Regulatory Overreach: At 2:10 on the DVD, Ed Lewis notes: "I've already checked with [attorney Leslie Ross] on the SEC statuary requirements for a proxy fight." While Dee Hartford as Miss Ross is indeed statuesque, the SEC's remit does not extend that far - surely he means 'statutory.' JohnK, 19 January 2018

When Gertrude notices that the letter opener is missing from its leather case, she's wearing a solid band on her left ring finger, yet moments later as she's watching her husband washing his hand in the lake, she's wearing at least three narrower stacked rings on her left ring finger, one of which has a circular dangle. jfh 29Jan2020

+Good catch! Did Gertrude's outfit also change? Otto Gervaert, 2/11/21
Get a load of Della's New Giant Caterpillar Eyebrows! I can say no more. Submitted by catyron, May 28th, 2018
+ Along with her somewhat flattened, shortened and parted hairstyle, Della appears more severe than usual. Fortunately, both hairstyle and eyebrows are returned to her softer style as the episode continues. 29Jan2020

When Perry, Hamilton, and Andy catch Arthur breaking into the crate, they keep referring to a briefcase when what they actually find is a paper folder. Arthur’s reaction to the contents of that folder reminded me of Casper Gutman’s reaction to the bogus “Maltese Falcon”. In the closing scene, Paul offers a nifty alternate title : ‘TCOT Sexy Solicitor’. DOD 01/29/20

Black Box Theatre Alert The scene by the lake with Paul arguing with Leslie Ross is unintentionally amusing. Very stagey and the (usually fantastic) dialogue is terrible. St. James 323, 9/13/21.
+ Agreed. This is the first - only??- time that I can recall Paul jumping on the Sanctimony Express (Della, too was seldom a passenger, tho she hopped on board in the final season.) One of the attributes, and I think for many a highlight, of the show was the relatively hard-boiled and cynical attitudes of the characters...a holdover from the Film Noir era, if you will. But as the conscious-raised 60's wore on, dreary morality lectures crept in. Notcom 072623.

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode

Great line by Lt. Anderson after Perry and Paul offer him a cup of coffee in the cabin. Anderson doesn't touch it. He stands and before leaving, says, "Thanks for the coffee. It hit the spot." Otto Gervaert, 2/11/21.

+ I noticed that too! Hilarious. St. James 323, 9/13/21.

Richard Anderson plays the title accountant, Mason’s (of course innocent) client Edward Lewis. Just two episodes ago, in #193 “TCOT Badgered Brother,” the name Edward Lewis was used for the security guard, played by L. Q. Jones, who was an accomplice (though perhaps unwitting) to the murderer. Submitted by FredK, 16 Nov 2010.
+ And continuing our Forms-of-the name-Ed-Lewis thread, back in episode 148 TCOT Angry Astronaut the more familiar sounding "Eddie Lewis" was played by Steve Brodie. Something about the name must have appealed to the Mason team. Submitted by FredK 12December12.
+ and, while giving testimony, Leslie Ross also refers to Ed Lewis as "Eddie Lewis". jfh 29Dec2023

Counselor's Usual Tactics: The scene in Judge Penner’s chambers, wherein Perry tricks Burger into requesting a 3-day continuance, is classic. St. James 323, 9/13/21.
+ I was surprised Burger didn't have his usual exasperation when he realized PM tricked him into delaying the hearing. Regardless, great episode. Rich P 10/25/21

Mason & Burger, Law Firm: A unique episode in that Perry and Burger collaborate on solving the crime together, even during the courtroom portion.