It seemed strange that Burger's murder case against Mrs Bradley spent a lot of time on the office politics of her husband and son and very little on the actual murder. Why didn't the judge or Perry object to this saying Burger was going "too far afield?" Motive is one thing, but it seemed as though Burger was trying to prove Mr Fuller guilty of embezzlement instead of Mrs Bradley guilty of murder. Later Burger says that a jury will believe Fuller committed 1st Degree Murder so his only option was to plead guilty to a lesser charge. Burger offered to reduce the charge to manslaughter or 2nd Degree murder because he didn't believe the murder was premeditated. This seemed like lawyer double talk. If the state did not believe it was premeditated, then they should prosecute for the lesser charge and base their case upon that assumption. Serving on a jury doesn't give you the power to change the charge, does it? And would a jury even know the law well enough to change the indictment?

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon The guy playing Mr Fuller looks EXACTLY like a young Kevin Bacon. I knew Kevin worked with everyone in Hollywood, but never realized he made it all the way back to Perry Mason!

One of the sweeter endings to an episode, with Paul dancing. And, earlier in the episode, Hamilton sounded to me particularly noble. Outside of court, he was questioning Perry's client, with Perry present, and goaded the client into making some intemperate remarks. Hamilton then responded with, "I suggest you be a little less concerned with what *you* want to do, and a little more concerned with what your attorney tells you you *ought* to do." And all's well... Submitted by masonite, 12/4/12.
+ I liked Burger's and Mason's good cop/bad cop routine in that scene. Submitted by 65tosspowertrap, 12/5/2013.
+"[S]weeter endings" also with Della and Perry dancing together! jfh 04Jan2017

So where does the nervous neighbor come in?
\\+Too nervous to appear? Submitted by Rickapolis 03/04/22
I am glad to see that the Los Angeles Authority, Public Housing Administration, provides a clean and attractive environment for the Valley Gardens Senior Citizens Facility. However, Sheila Bromley is actually only 52 if IMDb is correct. Further she addresses Francis X. Bushman's character as, "And at 73, you are an incorrigible flirt, Philip!" Per IMDb, Bushman was actually 80. lowercase masonite, 3/29/16.

Pilot?: Anyone else think this story seemed like a tryout for a possible Paul Drake spinoff show? Submitted by H. Mason 3/15/15

Order, order once again the show summary leaves something to be desired: Alice killed her husband as a result of hitting her head - or at least the latter facilitated the former - not, as the summary suggests, was the fall an outcome of the homicide. Nit-picked by Notcom, 060619.
What's up with Mary Browne wearing a ring over her gloves? She does this both in the courtroom and in Perry's office. Otto Gervaert, 2/17/21
+Good catch, Otto. Miss Manners is particularly hard on women who wear a ring over gloves. Submitted by Rickapolis 03/04/22
++ and, oh my goodness, what an ugly hairdo she has under that hideous hat! jfh 24Aug2022