Same Old Story - Both the police and Burger's office go out of their way to bar Perry from the crime scene. How is that not unconstitutional? Burger claims it's because his underling Bill Vincent isn't done processing the scene. He is being protective because Burger ribbed him about losing to Perry earlier in the episode. In a capital crime that could carry the death penalty, procedure becomes really important due to likelihood of appeals. Perry must have access to any and all evidence to adequately defend his client, even in a pre-trial hearing. If he isn't given have that evidence in a timely manner, anything that comes after that is tainted fruit. Incidentally, how can they hold a pre-trial hearing if the crime scene is still being processed? Why does the show always insist upon setting up an adversarial relationship between Perry and the police? He has helped them many many times including in this episode so he and Paul deserve some consideration. Considering the point of all of their jobs is justice, wouldn't it be more productive to share evidence with the defense attorney to avoid looking like fools when he unmasks the real murderer? Would be so much more interesting to see the police and Perry working together instead of against each other. So frustrating. Submitted by DellaMason

Putting the Air in Airhead Diana was inordinately trusting when she agreed to meet a man who had just made it very clear he could potentially sexually assault her if she didn't make the right choice. He already got very handsy when he was offering her the proposition. There was absolutely no reason she couldn't tell Perry about the meeting with Addison since he didn't really have a permanent claim to her aunt's estate. By 1965, I was really hoping the show might do away with airhead females always making the wrong decisions. And why DO they keep remaking old episodes? According to Raymond Burr, he was offered and accepted a 10th season when he read in the paper that the network had cancelled the show. If the producers were planning on continuing and taken by surprise by the network, why wouldn't they try to keep the show fresh? Submitted by DellaMason

As noted in the opening credits, this episode is based on the Erle Stanley Gardner novel, The Case of the Negligent Nymph.

The first season's TCOT Negligent Nymph was so much better. The dress that Sally Fenner and Diana Carter wear when they swim to the boat is remarkably similar, however. Submitted by Miss Carmody, 15 April 2024.

When going over the crime scene with Perry, Steve notes the body was surrounded by blood, it was a “real mess”. Someone did a great job getting the stains out of that carpet! DOD 05/10/22

At 15:39 on the 2013 Region 1 Paramount DVD, Baby Doll Diana is wearing reading glasses while typing her future best-seller. But at 04:03 she can easily read, without her glasses, the hand-written note from the bottle. Perhaps because the writing is larger? And her typewriter has elite type? (I see that Diana's aunt had time to write out 11 lines on the note, but didn't even include such info as the date and time that she wrote the note, Addison's family name, or the name of the ship.) Submitted by (lowercase, with a comma and period) masonite, 07/05/13.

Don Dubbins joins H.M.Wynant and Walter Burke in having appeared as suspects and prosecutors. DOD 03/26/19

TCOT Scholarly Scriptwriter Kudos to the scriptwriter--or to ESG, if this detail came from his novel!--for naming Diana's boat the Cerberus! The reference to the three-headed dog who guarded the gates of Hades, the Greek Hell, is subtle and clever. Not only is Fritz, the German Shepherd, a threat to Diana in the opening scene, he is a worse threat to his beloved owner, Helga, who is revealed as the killer by his "testimony" in court. Welcome to Hell, Helga! Submitted by JazzBaby, 6/21/2019.

Furore Teutonico apparently no longer fearing censure from the UN. PM was particularly rich in overwrought ethnics in its final season: Helga's outburst - MURDERERS MUST NOT GO FREE !!! - was the first of a smorgasbord featuring German, Italian, Cockney and go along, of course, with the overacting Americans. Notcom, 071019.