Amendment 7: "In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed Twenty dollars, the right of Trial by Jury shall be preserved." Mike Bedard 3.12.15

This show seems to emphasize Raymond Burr's weight more than any other. The suits tend to hide some of it but the Grimes characters costumes seem to emphasize it along with his double chin. Submitted by Perry Baby 2/5/2017.

Boy this is one time when both Della and Paul are REALLY pissed at one of Perry's clients (Jess Parkinson). Submitted by HamBurger, 07/08/2017.

I found it interesting to see the "makeup man" paint those dark raccoon-eyes on Grimes to make him look more like Perry Mason. Submitted by catyron, August 15th, 2018

TCOT Deleted Defendant This is one of those episodes, common in the later seasons, where the defendant barely registers as a character. With the increasing emphasis on melodrama and campiness as the show progressed, the focus seems to shift to some over-the-top character, in this instance, Burr as Grimes. Barbara Kramer's sly courting of Dan could have led to some drama, but it was dropped as a subplot. She gets no screen time after her acquittal. Really, she barely exists as a character at all! Submitted by JazzBaby, 6/28/2019.

Collaring the Witness The Minister's testimony proves crucial to supporting the claim of attempted subornation of perjury, but it's also overly convenient: how would anyone know - legitimately - that he was even there ?? (And why would he ever testify in the first place... whatever Perry may or may not have done, conduct of the counsels would never enter directly into a trial). Pray tell, Notcom 091019.

We get another good look at Della’s unique filing system - a single drawer for each letter A through L, and in reverse order! DOD 05/24/21
+We also experience a gratuitous leg shot of Della's legs in the same scene. Submitted by Miss Carmody, 16 July 2024.

Given that the time and place of the scam was known, and that the minister was known to the clerk, finding him would have been easy. His testimony at that time may not have been according to Hoyle (surely a mistrial would have been called), but it helped condense the story. DOD 05/08/20

Not to make light of the late Barbara Hale, but after listening to her DVD commentary on this episode I sometimes will say "Look at Ray, just look at him." for no reason. All kidding aside, it's quite clear that Barbara Hale loved working with Raymond Burr and was especially proud of his acting in this episode. Submitted by Kenmore 6/29/2021

"The Case of the Manson Mug." Robert H. Harris and Virginia Field have been previously acknowledged for their overripe performances in a number of PM episodes. For too long, Maurice Manson is an actor who has been overlooked in this category. Here his "angry mugging"--he's always at his best when he's angry-- as Jess Parkinson is especially noteworthy. (See also his performance as Joseph Kraft in "TCOT Bogus Books" (#154) for another example of Manson at his angriest . . . and best.) Submitted by BobH, 20 October 2022.