Not to be insulting but I've always thought actress Jesslyn Fax looked like Alfred Hitchcock in drag. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 5/30/14.

I'm sorry, but when Ellen Monteith says she returned to the cabin to retrieve a slip, stockings, and a gun, I had to laugh. I suspect Mel Blanc also supplied the chattering of that squirrel - and whoever tapped that phone certainly didn’t make make much effort to hide the wire. Perry wears a light color tie with a dark diagonal and small medallion. This is the first sighting of what will be about his most worn neckwear. Were libraries ever so casual about revealing patrons’ book borrowing info? DOD 07/10/19

When I first saw this episode I felt that Mrs Sabin was guilty of something. The way she spoke in Perry's office when she and her daughter Helen went there just after her husband Charles was murdered was so over the top it seemed like she was trying to deceive Perry for some reason. By the way, this is one of my favorite episodes. I like the way Perry takes apart Mr. Langley's analysis of the murder. Submitted by Kilo 4/9/2018.
“...and the police think the parrot witnessed the murder.” I wonder if Burr had trouble keeping a straight face saying that line? DOD 09/07/23

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode

So is this another example of the murderer in an earlier scene pretending to be innocent when no one is watching? (Except us.) Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 8/18/12.

This episode is similar to "Angry Mourner" in that our murderer is someone angry about a real estate deal who pretends to discover his own crime. D OD 06/26/18

The premise about the parrot is pretty far fetched, I think. But there are a number of cases floating around currently where DA’s are attempting to introduce statements picked up on devices or apps like Alexa and Siri. — submitted by judgebob1, December 14, 2020.
+ Or Zoom calls <cough> Toobin <cough>. Kilo 4/1/2021.