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TVMovie #21: The Case of the
Fatal Framing
Original Airdate: 1992

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Credits Edit


Raymond Burr as Perry Mason
Barbara Hale as Della Street
William R. Moses as Ken Malansky

Guest Stars
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Jane Carr as Renee Nurian
Maureen Mueller as Lizanne York
John Rhys-Davies as Phillip Graff
Scott Valentine as Damien Blakely
David Soul as Truman York
Robert Gentry as Winston Hope
Betsy Jones-Moreland as Judge Elinor Harrelson
Charles Macaulay as D.A. Milton Fryman
James McEachin as Lt. Ed Brock
Debbi Morgan as Maureen Gilman
Mark Moses as Joel McKelvey
Nancy Valen as Mala Sikorski
Carla Folk as Barbara Scott
Michael K. Osborn as Dr. Bainsworth
Ron Pinkard as Lesley
Dutch Shindler as Elevator Operator
Kathryn Christopher as Hotel Clerk
Christina Faust as Diane McKelvey
Jim Huffman as Man in Gallery
Vincent C. Robinson as Court Clerk
Archie Smith as Sculptor
Walker Williams as Police Officer
Kelly McGillis as Mrs. Joel McKelvey (uncredited)

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This is one of my favorites of the TV movies, better acting than most by the guest actors. jfh 10May2023

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