Perry Mason Cast in Films

Many of the actors in the series were very busy and have appeared in numerous films and television series. Here, we will indulge in some discussion of films. See the Movie People list on the Famous People page for some films that Perry Mason actors appeared in. See the TV Trivia Lists page for some of their television appearances.

Film With The Most

The first mention of this topic came as an aside in an item about music: "The music in the Hitchcock film, North By Northwest, is very similar to that in some seasons of Perry Mason. In at least one episode, #105, TCOT Loquacious Liar, you can find an exact match. The film's original music composer, Bernard Herrmann, also did work for Perry Mason. Another connection to the show is in the cast. As listed at the IMDb, you will find no less than 43 Perry Mason players in the film. Some kind of record I think. Submitted by Adam Kamil, 11/26/04."

This was followed up with: "Another contender for most Perry Mason players in a film is I Want to Live! Somebody please count them and let me know. The current record is 43 in North By Northwest (see below). Thanks to Charles Richmond for spotting this. Posted 3/24/10.

Charles' question was answered with: "By my count, North By Northwest has 46 Perry Mason actors out of a total of 85 actors listed for the film (54%). I Want to Live! has 39 Perry Mason actors out of a total of 60 (65%). So North By Northwest has a higher bulk number, but I Want To Live has a higher percentage." Submitted by Alan Jones, 10/5/10.

Alan provided the following supporting information: "Counting method: I went to the IMDb page for each film, and then to the "Full Cast and Crew" page for that film. On that page, I linked to each actor in turn, and used my browser's in-page search to look for "Perry Mason" on that actor's page of credits. Actors who show credits for any Perry Mason episodes in the original series were included in the listing for that film. So this is all dependent on the accuracy of the IMDb listings, and on my own accuracy in performing this rather error-prone manual process. In case you're interested, I've included the lists of Perry Mason actors that I found in each of these films a little lower down. I've also done the same sort of PM actor counts for To Kill a Mockingbird (15 of 42 = 36%) and White Heat (16 of 62 = 26%), both of which have much lower numbers and percentages of crossover, but there were enough to stir my interest. I'm planning to work my way through the Hitchcock films, but I already know that out of the 53 Hitchcock films, North By Northwest has the highest number of PM cast. Psycho, by the way, has 12 of 35 (34%)."

North By Northwest (46 of 85 = 54%)
Stanley Adams

Malcolm Atterbury
Tol Avery
Baynes Barron
Edward Binns
Walter Coy
Jimmy Cross
Patricia Cutts
Jack Daly
Lawrence Dobkin
Robert Ellenstein
Tommy Farrell
Jesslyn Fax
Paul Genge
Ned Glass
Tom Greenway
Len Hendry
Josephine Hutchinson
Bobby Johnson
Kenner G. Kemp
Doreen Lang
Alexander Lockwood
Ken Lynch
Frank Marlowe
Nora Marlowe
James McCallion
Maura McGiveney
Patrick McVey
Carl Milletaire
Philip Ober
Edward Platt
Ralph Reed
Jeffrey Sayre
Jeremy Slate
Olan Soulé
Helen Spring
Harvey Stephens
Bert Stevens
Harry Strang
Les Tremayne
Dale Van Sickel Frank Wilcox
Adam Williams
Robert Williams
Paula Winslowe
Carleton Young

I Want To Live (39 of 60 = 65%)
Raymond Bailey
Leonard Bell
Olive Blakeney
Peter Breck
Ralph Brooks
Gage Clarke
Joe De Santis
Gertrude Flynn
Lew Gallo
Paul Genge
Dabbs Greer
Brett Halsey
Wendell Holmes
Jason Johnson
Kenner G. Kemp
Lou Krugman
Rusty Lane
Wesley Lau
S. John Launer
Jon Lormer
Herbert Lytton
Gavin MacLeod
James Maloney John Marley
Marion Marshall
William Mims
Simon Oakland
James Philbrook
Joe Ploski
Stafford Repp
Bartlett Robinson
Herman Rudin
Evelyn Scott
Dan Sheridan
Hal Taggart
Russell Thorson
Virginia Vincent
Jack Weston
Than Wyenn

So, the question that remains, are there any other contenders for Film With The Most?