From Episode #146, The Case of the Absent Artist

Santa Monica Pier

See the Wikipedia for more information about the Santa Monica Pier.

Looff Hippodrome

The Looff Hippodrome is the home of a famous Carousel. It was built in 1922 and features 44 carved horses.

Opening Scene

The Hippodrome as seen in the opening, slightly enhanced for visibility.


The Hippodrome in the 30s. Courtesy Eric Cooper.

Hippodrome 2008

The Hippodrome in 2008. Courtesy Eric Cooper.

The Carousel

The Carousel. Courtesy Eric Cooper.

La Monica Ballroom

Seen as Paul and Perry drive to Otto's place.

La Monica Ballroom

It's the building with curious roof.

La Monica Ballroom

As seen in 2009. Courtesy Eric Cooper.

Otto's Place in Port Harmony

Otto's Place

As seen in the episode.

Otto's Place

As seen in 2009. Courtesy Eric Cooper.