From Episode #23, The Case of the One-eyed Witness

Toulouse-Lautrec Poster

Perry and Della dining at Ferrolds Cafe. Across the room, a famous Toulouse-Lautrec poster.

The poster

The poster is seen just to the right of Della.

The poster

The entrance. A classy joint for sure.

Jeanette Nolan Cameo?

Is that Jeanette Nolan as bus passenger #2? Doesn't look like it to me, but it's close. What do you think?

Episode #23 Bus Passenger #2 Episode #22, Jeanette Nolan

Bus passenger #2 (left) and Mrs. Kirby (Jeanette Nolan, right).

Newspaper Reprise

It looks like the newspaper used in #17, TCOT Sun Bather's Diary, was used again in #23, TCOT One-eyed Witness. Note the points of similarity in the vidcaps below.

Episode #17, Newspaper

As seen in #17, TCOT Sun Bather's Diary.

Episode #23, Newspaper

As seen in episode #23, TCOT One-eyed Witness.