User-Editable Access Password

Interim Access Preceding User_ID System

Getting the Password

To receive the password, send an email to with a few sentences describing how you became interested in the Perry Mason TV series. After reviewing your request, a password will be emailed to you as soon as possible.

For several years, the Perry Mason TV Series wiki had a commonly known user password. During this time, there were no serious problems with the wiki. Earlier this year, after a change made by the web server folks inadvertently resulted in making much of the wiki content unavailable, some of the user-editable areas on the episode pages were vandalized. If there is a recurrence of this, the wiki will revert to read-only mode until the new secure password system is ready. A backup copy would then be used to restore the wiki to an earlier date.

Until the new password system is installed, please retain a copy of anything you post to the wiki. These can be posted again should any unfortunate event take place.

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Posting Guidelines

Guidelines for User Postings Will Be Found Here Soon