From The Perry Mason TV Show Book (Revised)
Loring Lamont is a wealthy skirt-chaser whose latest target is yummy Arlene Ferris, his father’s secretary. Lamont tricks her into coming to his beachfront “wolf’s lair” in a complicated series of deceptions. After a pitcher of martinis, Lamont makes his move. She slaps him and flees, but the cad pursues her, forcing her to steal his car to get back to town.

But Arlene’s troubles are only beginning. After she leaves, someone stabs Loring to death. She's the number one suspect. Perry believes that the murder really had something to do with blackmail and with a telephone conversation Loring had shortly before Arlene left him.

We get a rare look at Perry’s apartment in this episode when he is visited by two of the thuggiest thugs on TV (complete with dark suits and white ties). The place seems tastefully appointed, loaded with houseplants, and equipped with a fireplace.