From The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Morey Allen's restaurant is a regular eating spot for Perry and Della. But on this night, Morey has a problem: One of his waitresses has been struck by a car while fleeing the steak house after spotting a man stalking her. She's left behind a moth-eaten mink, which hints that she might be one of those enterprising waitresses who "mingle with the guests" after hours. If word of this gets to the press, Morey will be ruined. When the man who frightened the waitress in the first place is found murdered, Morey and the waitress are strong suspects.

Perry and Paul take up Morey's defense--there's a very funny scene when the pair "interrogate" a dumb blond bombshell witness--and the episode climaxes with Tragg and the real murderer shooting it out in Perry's office.
+The shootout was Rare: Raymond Burr stated in a Charlie Rose interview that the series showed "the results of violence" rather than actual incidents of it [50th Anniversary DVD]. Mike Bedard 4.7.15
++ The only other episode I can think of where we see someone being shot is the season nine remake of this one. Are there any others? Duffy, 4-7-2015.
+++ Besides TCOT Moth-Eaten Mink and TCOT Sausalito Sunrise, the following episodes show people getting shot: TCOT Nervous Accomplice (#3), TCOT Lost Last Act (#60), TCOT Clumsy Clown (#102), TCOT Capering Camera (#196), TCOT Silent Six (#252), TCOT Scarlet Scandal (#261), TCOT Fanciful Frail (#265), and TCOT Final Fadeout (#271). Submitted by D. Tlougan, 4/29/15.