From The Perry Mason TV Show Book
The story starts with Perry actually losing a case. More accurately, he’s losing an appeal. Though the details are never discussed, the first scene sets up Perry’s relationship with the sitting appellate judge, a man named Daniel Redmond.

Redmond is up for the nomination for lieutenant governor. But he learns that Martin Weston, a hopeless alcoholic, will testify that the judge was involved in a plot to defraud the government back in 1943.

Things get really complicated when the charges soon include homicide, as Weston is found poisoned and Redmond is arrested.

Several of TV’s familiar faces appear in this episode, including David White (Betwitched), Jackie (“Uncle Fester”) Coogan, and Florida Friebus, who played the mother in The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.

With its unusual, well-played plot, and some more dramatic than usual music and highly atmospheric lighting—especially in scenes that take place in the judge’s chambers—this is one of the best episodes of the Mason series and a fitting end to the show’s 1962-63 season.