From The Perry Mason TV Show Book (Revised)
Perry and Paul want to go fishing, but a murder gets in their way. Elaine Bayler is a woman who has been serving as a “patroness” for a young musician named Donald Hobart. She’s also the wife of the Scarlet Center’s leading citizen, Richard Bayler, who is a client of Perry’s.

Elaine is being blackmailed. Someone wants $10,000 or else they’ll tell her husband that she’s been having an affair with Hobart. Elaine drives out to Scarlet Point with Donald to leave the money, but is brutally shot and killed. The sheriff arrests the musician, but the story twists when Hobart is released and his girlfriend, Cynthia Perkins, is charged with the crime. Perry successfully defends her, but pays a steep price: By the time he’s through, fishing season is over.

TV fans will recognize Will Hutchins of Sugarfoot, the successful Warner Brothers TV Western of the 1950s, in the role of musician Donald Hobart.