From The Perry Mason TV Show Book (Revised)
There’s trouble in Bear Valley. Carla Adrian, played by the luscious Barbara Eden (I Dream of Jeannie), gets her blouse ripped by a wheelchair-bound water-skier who gets fresh. Later, when the masher is found shot dead, Adrian’s mother, Belle (Sylvia Field, a.k.a. Mrs. Wilson on Dennis the Menace), is arrested for the crime. Luckily for her, Perry is vacationing nearby. Watch Perry literally strong-arming his elderly client in an effort to have her come clean.

Paul Fix, better known as Marshal Micah Torrence on The Rifleman, makes the first of his several appearances on the Mason series portraying the “typical” backwoods prosecutor.


As Della is driving the Cadillac to Perry's cabin, near the beginning of the episode, "Park Avenue Beat" theme song by Fred Steiner is liltingly playing in the key of E-flat, I think. As far as I can recall this is the only episode that presents this theme in quite this gentle way, and, on stringed instruments, I might add. Della is driving slowly beside the lake and tree leaves are gently rustling.