From The Perry Mason TV Show Book (Revised)
A jealous woman—bitter over her roommate’s impending marriage to her former boyfriend—attempts to pin a murder on the roomie. Perry and Della are the first to find the murdered man, an act that gets them in very hot water with Tragg and the police. The stiff had a lipstick stain on his forehead, and the episode takes a slightly kinky turn when Perry and Paul discuss the possibility that the crimson kiss may have been put there by (gasp!) a man. Frances (“Aunt Bee”) Bavier plays an old friend of Perry’s.

This, the eighth Mason story to be broadcast, was the first to be adapted not from an Erle Stanley Gardner novel, but from one of his short stories.

Really? Who writes these? Apparently not someone who has actually seen the episode. The roommate does not want to pin a murder on the defendant. She may well have wanted to kill the defendant. She knew nothing about the murder. Submitted by Wick 6/24/2022.