CARS: 1957 Cadillac convertible, black (Mason), 1957 Chevrolet 150 4dr sedan, black (Police). From The Cars by Greg Cockerill.

That these early shows alternate between featuring GM and Ford vehicles, shows they were not aired in the order filmed. I suspect the GM shows were filmed first. DOD 06/11/20

Goof: In the opening scene, George Moore goes to the Lonely Hearts office to collect the letters from box 96. The numbers of the post office boxes in the office are all jumbled up and in no particular order. The row of 91-92-93-etc. runs right down the middle of the post office boxes running between 42 and 43, 32 and 33, etc. This would make it extremely difficult for someone to post the letters. Submitted by PaulDrake33, 07/03/2008.
+ It's actually worse than that. The box numbers are 91, 95, ?, 93. (The ? is the open box. I can't see the number on it but it must be 96.) Submitted by Kilo 3/9/2018.

Actor Robert H. Harris makes his first of seven series appearances in this episode. He also gives the first of his usual eye-rolling, over-the-top performances. He should be among the nominees for the Series Achievement Award for Hammiest Guest Actor for his multiple offenses against the art of subtlety. Submitted by BobH, 18 January 2016.
+ Although she doesn't appear in this episode, Virginia Field would handily win the above Series Award in the actress category. Third_Generation_Fan 1/15/2021.
++ Ah, but I love Harris. He’s the killer in the “He’s a hack” episode, the name of which I didn’t recall.

   Submitted by Rickapolis 07/12/22

...and has any other actor spent so much time mopping his brow with a hankie? DOD 05/17/18
+ Jonathan Hole certainly gives him a run for his money in Episodes 26 (TCOT Half-Wakened Wife) and 67 (TCOT Spanish Cross), but not with as fulsome a display of histrionics. Submitted by BobH, 19 December 2018.
++ At first I thought Lacey was actor Donald Pleasence - he and Harris look a lot alike. Rick P 11/4/21

The favorite jeweler of the series, Van Dorf and Kohl (or Cole or Co.), may have first been mentioned in this episode. It’s the jeweler that Barnaby went to. Submitted by billp, 12/28/2008.
+ I could only find three times in the 271 episodes this business was mentioned, episodes 20, 22 and 34. Are there more? Added by H. Mason 10/2/14
++ Seventeen years after this Colombo would pay a visit to Van Cleef and Arpels in Beverly Hills (altho the name of the store isn't actually mentioned in the episode). Viewers, noting a certain similarity in the cadence of the two names, might assume it was the inspiration for the fictional PM store; but their thinking would be wrong...or at least suspect: the Rodeo Drive location didn't open until 1969. Notcom, 102520.

Note the intercom on Perry’s desk (also in other episodes the first season or so). It’s a Rauland Amplicall Intercom. The case is made of brown swirled bakelite and contains a tube amplifier and speaker. The handset is a Kellogg brown model. Front panel controls include push-to-talk bar, on/off/volume, pilot lamp and 6 station selector switches. It would be hooked to the PBX so the operator could make the connections. See Telephone Curiosities for these details and pictures. Submitted by billp, 12/30/2008.

Sightings: In the opening scene today, seen exiting the Lacey Publishing Co. and looking very happy with her lot in life, is Distinguished Lady #2. We see her later on as a spectator in court, together with Distinguished Gentleman #2, Little Old Lady #2, and Distinguished Lady #1, plus Distinguished Gentleman #1 as the court stenographer.
Submitted by evelyne, 17 February 2011.
+ Read more about all of these favorite faces on the “Who Is That?” page. Submitted by gracenote, 8/29/2011.
++ Distinguished Lady #4 is in her favorite spot on the back row near DL #2. Next hearing in the front. Submitted by BigBill767, Nov 11, 2016.
Uncredited Actors: Though Lee Miller has appeared in several previous episodes as a police plainclothesman, it will be a while until gets the name “Brice” (which was used twice by Chuck Webster). This is the first time he appears as Lt. Tragg’s tagalong sergeant. Submitted by FredK, 9 June 2011.

In an early scene in Paul Drake's office (with Lacey and then Paul's secretary), you can see a framed drawing of Dick Tracy on his desk. There are a couple more episodes, like #5 Sulky Girl and #33 Long-Legged Models where we can also see a framed Dick Tracy picture. Any others? Submitted by mesave31, 04/16/15.

Goof? Consider the scene where Delores shoots through the door of Lacey’s office. Well, on the side of the door through which Delores fired, there doesn’t appear to be a corresponding bullet hole. In other words, there’s an exit but no entry. Miss Sims does her best to obscure this fact, but the miracle of the DVD and stop-action shows it to be the case. I hesitate to call this a goof since I don’t think that when the show first aired it would have been possible to notice this. Submitted by bill, June 15, 2011.
+ Good catch. The shooting starts at about 30:22 on the 2006 Region 1 Paramount DVD. The door originally shows the first entrance hole (which later disappears) between the H and E of PUBLISHER, but not the later entrance holes around the metal plate of the doorknob. (Why shoot so close to a metal plate?) Submitted by (lowercase, with a comma and period) masonite, 07/20/13.
++ Goof 2.0: She fired six shots at the door (that's how she knew she would be out of bullets when she pulled the trigger at almost point-blank range), but in the final scene Perry says she fired five. P.S.: She fired at the metal plate because she wasn't trying to hit him; it was all an act. Submitted by 65tosspowertrap, 4-2-2014.
+++ Good Shootin, Tex: The sound crew must have had fun with the gunplay scene -- inserting several ricochets, and loud shooting in general. It sounded like we were watching The Lone Ranger. JohnK, 28 October 2021.

Syndication cuts: Drake "rushing" to the bank, meeting Perry and telling him about the heiress; scene with Agnes and Lacey as Agnes tries to open Lacey's desk; George bringing Mason to Marilyn; Lt. Tragg dropping Dolores off at her apartment with Drake watching; scene with Burger, Dolores and Tragg where Burger tells her Mason was trying to confuse her; Burger tells the court that Marilyn's motive was revenge.
Additional Hallmark cuts: Drake and Lacey scene after Paul hands him a pen to write the check and Paul and Margo's conversation after; part of Marilyn, George and Mason's conversation concerning the amount of money Barnaby took from Marilyn's sister ($16,000) and whose idea the plan was; part of Lacey's testimony about his magazine being a hunting ground for con men, Barnaby using it for his purposes many times and Lacey having no control over Barnaby (which Mason asks about a few seconds later); part of George's testimony concerning that the plan didn't include murder and that the police weren't called because Marilyn didn't want them to interfere, Mason objecting to Burger cross-examining his own witness and Burger stating that George is an adverse witness. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 7/11/12.
+ Just a general gripe shared by all who must watch the butchered syndication versions of these episodes: At some point it becomes too frustrating to try to figure things out without all that has been deleted. The heavy-handedness of the process has made them near unwatchable. I've stopped watching my local broadcast of the show and have purchased the CBS DVDs, one half season at a time. They are better looking and, most importantly, complete. Too bad we have to go through that to see an episode intact. Thannks for letting me vent. Submitted by francis, 6/03/14.
++You can't beat watching the episodes on DVD. Also, after viewing, you can re-sell them on Ebay. Submitted by Magazines Mason, 4/30/15.
+++ Mostly complete. There's the infamous 1:12 missing from the second season's "The Fancy Figures" before Paul walks into Perry's office in an early scene. On the 50th Anniversary set some episodes with the two-part closing credits are missing the second part ("Constant Doyle" and "The Bountiful Beauty"). The missing credits from "Constant Doyle" are also missing on the season set so other episodes may also be missing some credits. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 6/05/14.

Lacey owns a gun. So, when Dolores is shooting at the door of his office, why doesn't he try to get to his gun to defend himself? Submitted by Scarter 12/14/13

Missing ring: When Perry tried to question Delores in court the first time he was wearing his pinkie ring on the left hand. When he questioned the next witness, Dr. Palmer, it was gone. Submitted by H. Mason 10/2/14

Richard Crane starred in his own show, Rocky Jones, Space Ranger in 1954. He replaced William Schallert (see trivia notes for episodes 7, 120 and 147) in the fourth episode / chapter of the television show / movie serial Commando Cody - Sky Marshal of the Universe in 1955. Submitted by H. Mason 10/6/14

Character names: Thanks to the Paul Drake Detective Agency we know Charles B. Barnaby also used the names "Country Boy" Baker, Charlie Bailey and Charles Burns. Submitted by H. Mason 10/16/14
+ Barnaby, played by the great L.Q. Jones early in his career would go on acting for almost 50 years and 165 credits and will be 95 in August. Joe B. 04/10/2022
++ Alas, he didn't make it. Updated by Notcom, 070922.
+++ By luck of the draw, this episode was shown on MeTV the morning of 071222, in the normal, in order broadcast... Bizyfe0415

According to Wikipedia, Kathleen Crowley was Miss New Jersey of 1949 and came in sixth at the Miss America contest...MikeM. 8/4/2016

According to Wikipedia, Louis B. Mayer helped the Jewish director Laszlo Benedek escape to the US from his native Hungary. Benedek is best known for two of his big screen films, "Death of a Salesman" and "The Wild One"...MikeM. 8/4/2016

The plot of the original novel involves a dispute between the daughter of the nurse of a dead millionaire and his brothers and sister. The murderer is the elder brother, who killed a witness to the will so as to frame the girl for murder. -- Red Chief, 21/7/2018

Teleplay writer Donald S. Sanford wrote the screenplay for the 1976 film "Midway"...MikeM. 8/4/2016

Interesting Steno Technique - In the scene in Paul's office, he has his secretary, Margo, take dictation for the letter he's writing for Lacey. She starts her transcription at the very bottom of the page. Shouldn't she be starting at the top? I would assume Paul can afford to buy enough steno pads that a fresh dictation could start on a fresh page. -- OLEF641; 8/25/2017.
+ Did you catch Lacey sneaking a peek at Margo's legs? Kilo 6/11/2020

This is the only PM appearance for Anna Navarro, who would appear in a single episode of "Ironside" playing a character named Mrs. Molina...MikeM. 5/17/2018

Anna Navarro played Maria Poncherello, the mother of Frank Poncherello, on two episodes of the TV show "CHiPs." ...Chuck_H, June 11, 2020

This is the first of two episodes in which the murderer uses prussic acid as the murder "weapon". The other instance is episode 91 (in which the victim was played by the wonderful Marie Windsor). jfh 29May2019

Español - Well, sorta. When Delores breaks down crying on the stand, she says: "He is muy vida", then restates the last two words in English (erroneously) as "my life". However . . muy translates to "very" not "my"; "my" in Spanish is mi. "He is very life." Also, her name, which is more often spelled "Dolores, is Spanish for "sorrows", which she certainly had many of. OLEF641 11/29/21

+ I have no idea what the actress actually said but the closed-captioning on the DVD set reads "mi vida." Wiseguy70005, 2/22/24.