Gunilla Hutton has a very small part in this episode as what is described as “Second Girl.” This would be her only Perry appearance, and also her first appearance in TV or movies. The next year she would go on to fame as Billie Jo Bradley on the long running Petticoat Junction. After the cancellation of Petticoat Junction, Miss Hutton went on to perform for 22 years on the bucolic variety show Hee Haw. Submitted by PaulDrake 33, 21 August 2009.
+ Gunilla Hutton, however, was only on Petticoat Junction for one season. She left and was replaced by Meredith MacRae the following year. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 9/05/17.

Choy (Keye Luke) serves Perry coffee with the Curious Coffee Set, which seems to have survived the trip from Los Angeles (except for the cup that Choy drops). Submitted by gracenote, 4/22/2011.
+ An odd pairing of the chinaware coffee set with the clunky West Bend Thermo-Serve Carafe. And dropping that cup was horrific. Submitted by catyron, July 2nd, 2018

Choy (Keye Luke) played Charlie Chan's # 1 son in several of those movies. Am I sensing a Charlie Chan theme in these last 2 episodes? (See comments section below also.) Submitted by HamBurger 10/10/2016
+ Keye Luke first found work in Hollywood as an artist, doing pictures and murals for many early films. You can still see some of his work in the lobby of the Chinese Theater.

David Opatoshu (Professor Gustave Heller) had, a year prior to filming this episode, made a pilot for a spy series with Karl Held, who had portrayed legal assistant David Gideon four years earlier in several PM episodes. cgraul 11.30.11

No Della in this episode! I wonder why she missed out on the Hawaii trip; she's never mentioned. Ed Zoerner, 5/7/12.
+ It seems unfair for Della not to be in the Aloha Paradise with Paul & Perry; FC was her 11th/Final absence. Mike Bedard 3.18.15

Star Trek Alert: Apparently Starfleet likes Hawaii, because three actors in this episode will go on to Star Trek roles. David Opatoshu played Anan 7 in the original series Star Trek episode, "A Taste of Armageddon" (Kirk makes one of his best breathless speeches to him). Keye Luke was cast as Governor Donald Cory in the original series episode, "Whom Gods Destroy." He was considered for the role of Data's creator, Doctor Noonian Soong in Star Trek: The Next Generation, but Brent Spiner got the role. Finally, Michael Dante, a tall former professional baseball player, was a frequent extra on the original series, and also got a more-than-minor role as the tough-guy alien Maab in "Friday's Child." Submitted by MyFavoritePolarBear, 11/30/22.

The exteriors filmed in Hawaii clearly show William Hopper as Paul Drake in scenes exiting cars like to go to the shack but any appearance of Perry was done by a double who usually had his head down or looking away from the camera.-- Perry Baby 10/13/13

The building shown is the Ali iolani Hale building. by DellaFan2 4/21/2021

Murder Weapon: For the first time a person was killed with a spear gun. Submitted by H. Mason 4/22/15
+ It was also the weapon - "cause of death" might be the better term since it turns out to be accidental - in an episode of Gilligan's Island. So if you're in Hawaii and someone suggests fishing, stick with a rod and reel! Notcom, 073120.

“Thunderball”, released the year this episode aired, also featured death by spear gun. DOD 04/18/22

Paul Drake - Witness: In his ninth time on the witness stand, this was the fourth time Perry Mason was shown questioning him in court (see episodes 45, 77 and 223). Submitted by H. Mason 4/22/15

Cranky Cockatoo: A few minutes in, Paul offers his finger in friendship to the cockatoo in Jarvis Logan's house, only to be rebuffed. I, too, share my home with one of those birds and they do not welcome strangers. That's why they are in cages, I suppose. Paul should have known this from TCOT Perjured Parrot. JohnK, 9 November 2015

The Case of the Out-Of-Place Case: At 34 minutes or so in the broadcast, when Perry and Paul are enjoying lunch in the hut, we see a musical instrument case in the corner. I'm pretty certain it's a case for a banjo, which seems several thousand miles out of place in a land where the sweet, lyrical strains of ukuleles and slack-key guitars fill the warm breezes. JohnK, 11 October 2021

This is the 30th of 32 PM writing credits for Jonathon Latimer, who supposedly met prominent gangsters while working as a crime reporter in Chicago...MikeM. 2/16/2017

This is the second of two PM appearances for Joyce Jameson. After divorcing songwriter Billy Barnes, Joyce Jameson became the girlfriend of actor Robert Vaughn. In his autobiography, Vaughn wrote that Jameson suffered from depression and had to take medication to sleep. Jameson died at age 54 in what was termed a suicide by pill overdose...MikeM. 2/22/2018

Along with another PM alumna, Jean Carson, Jameson was memorable as one of the “Fun Girls” on several episodes of the “The Andy Griffith Show“. DOD 04/01/21

This is the second of two PM appearances for Jon Hall (Lt. Kia), and it is his final television appearance. Also in 1965, Jon Hall had his final film role when he directed and starred in "The Beach Girls and the Monster". In 1979, suffering from incurable cancer, Jon Hall committed suicide at the age of 64...MikeM. 6/28/2018

The Hawaiian music was very nice -- two short instrumental pieces. then a live combo playing in the restaurant, and, finally, a ukelele solo. No credits for these talented musicians, alas. Submitted by catyron, July 2nd, 2018