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Alas, we have no Ray Collins (Lt. Tragg) today, even though his name appears in the credits, more than likely because of his health. Submitted by gracenote, 8/3/2011.
+ Between Burger and Tragg, there were an awful lot of missed episodes. That’s really a shame, because they are adamant yet respectful foils to Our Hero. And I am knitting a “gracenote” shawl. Submitted by cgraul, 1/20/2012.

This is another episode where we see someone's vehicle registration attached to the steering column for anyone to see. Would anyone know if that was the law in California at that time? Submitted by 65tosspowertrap, 11/25/2013.
+ Yep! At the time Perry Mason was filming it was required to attach your registration to the steering column. They even sold leather holders (kinda like a luggage tag) that attached with a couple of metal springs that wrapped around the steering column. Submitted by Lynne, 3/25/2015.

Powerful Pippa: A great episode. I don't know any of the other work of Pippa Scott (Gwynn Elston, our heroine) but I think she shows great energy in her acting. It also helps that it's a "genuine" Perry Mason story by ESG with those twists in Bakersfield. Michael Conrad was on his toes, too. Last, is Betsy Hale - who played the little Gillette girl - the daughter of Barbara? IMBD does not specify. JohnK, 29 October 2015.

According to wikipedia, her daughters were named Juanita and Jodi. Of course, her son, William Katt, played Paul Drake in the movie series. Submitted by Perry Baby 8/25/15

Frank Gillette's car is the one-of-a-kind Buick Villa Riviera, decked-out in white paint and without bumpers, the same as it was for the 1964 movie For Those Who Think Young. The car was transformed from a 1963 Buick Riviera by L.A. car-customizer George Barris, builder of Cars of the Stars (& the Batmobile!). Modifications to incorporate what Barris called "the latest in European design concepts" included a lengthened body, a removable roof section (not yet called a targa top) and relocation of the headlights from the grill to the front wings behind the fixed (non-opening) visors. Frank Gillette / Felton Grimes apparently liked danger, drawing attention to himself by driving this unique car around L.A. in either or both halves of his double life!
      The car's part in For Those Who Think Young is recounted here in Chapter 4 of the book Barris TV and Movie Cars, pages 76-80. The Villa Riviera has been painted red, white or blue (but not all at the same time). After appearing in Perry Mason and For Those Who Think Young the car received bumpers and red paint before appearing in The Outer Limits The Duplicate Man (aired 19 Dec 64, note the headlights ON behind the covers). It wasn't long before the Villa Riviera's hidden-headlight styling appeared on the standard production 1965 Buick Riviera: see "+" immediatly below. Added by Gary Woloski 12/8/11, revised 2/27/14.

+ A dark-painted car with hidden headlights and an apparently identical front end to the Barris '63 Villa Riviera is shown in a long approach shot in Episode #258 TCOT Vanishing Victim. What we see of the side profile says "Buick Riviera" as well. However, the car is not Barris' customized '63 Villa Riviera; it is actually an unmodified 1965 Buick Riviera! When Buick was designing the new Riviera line for introduction in 1963, the intention was to have hidden headlights but they were unable to engineer the innovation in time (the '63 & '64 Rivieras had the headlights exposed on the grill). It wasn't until the '65 model that Buick had a solution to conceal the headlights: read the story here. See 32sec video of the '65 "Clamshell Headlights" here. Added by Gary Woloski, 12/29/11.
+ My grandfather owned a 1965 Riviera Gran Sport. Although I was only ten when he died, I was old enough to appreciate that amazing car. Incredibly, when he died neither of his two adult sons wanted the car; it was sold! Submitted by 65tosspowertrap, 11/6/2013.
+ Correction: At our Thanksgiving feast my cousin told me that her father did indeed keep the car. That makes me feel better. Submitted by 65tosspowertrap, 12/18/2013.
+ Lucky You! The more I look at them, the more I think that the '63-'65 Rivieras are the best-looking U.S. standard-production cars ever made. And the '65s are the best of the lot! GSW, 2/28/14.

The case of the B surnames: We have Belding Baxter in this show and the exterior shot of the mansion looks very familiar. Submitted by Perry Baby 8/25/16

"A Confederacy of Pitkins." Reporting his investigative findings to Perry, Paul comments that Frank Gillette's father had a "rather unusual name"--Gorman Gillette. Unlike, one supposes, some of the other characters in the episode: Felton Grimes, George Belding Baxter, and Corley Ketchum. Submitted by BobH, 29 October 2017.

Another episode in which the traditional court interior bears no relation to the modern exterior. Perry's questioning of Mrs. Gillette about the attempted poisoning of Gwynn is odd. Why should she know anything about that? In my opinion, one of the best, most neatly plotted episodes,with some great performances and directed with a bit more flair than usual, although I do wonder what TV detectives would do if folks didn't put their initials on everything.

TCOT Smart Remarks: This episode is notable in that it contains several extra-funny asides as part of the dialog -- one from Gwynn, another from the caretaker, and a third from Paul Drake. It's from a "genuine" ESG story, although I don't have a copy and don't know if they are in the original. Or maybe the script writers were just inspired. JohnK, 23 August 2018