Here’s another title where the alliteration proves better than the relevance. None of the liars in the episode is especially loquacious! Ed Zoerner 4/27/10

No, the title makes little sense (too bad Fraudulent Foto was already taken!), but this is a superior episode, tightly plotted and with a nice bit of misdirection. DOD 10/08/20

I'm sorry but I don't believe the profile view of the man in the picture Perry is showing to Lois Rogers is Perry, as he tells her, but is actually Judson Bailey's profile view in the picture. Submitted by HamBurger Aug. 31, 2014
+ Perry had her superimpose Bailey's image on the photo. It was subtle, but in the conversation Perry had with Lois before he went to the bar. Submitted by H. Mason 11/4/14
++ I believe what 'Hamburger' means is they actually just reused the original photo, rather than create the composite you describe. Hard to tell, tho, without a side-by-side comparison. Notcom, 030922.

Missed opportunity: In the opening scenes there was a good view of part of Lester's home. The vase used for the murder should have been in the background. Submitted by H. Mason 11/4/14

Marge is told to look for a man in a dark suit, white tie. No mention of the mustache or prominent scar. And surely even then there were mor compact cameras available? DOD 10/22/21

TCOT Sudden Sobriety This episode was another example - perhaps the most egregious is the series - of Hollywood's disconnect from reality when showing drunkenness: Lester is forced to drink a quantity of liquor which, if it didn't in fact put him in a coma, would have ensured he would has been a slurring, staggering mess for most of the day; yet shortly after the imbibing he is able to tackle a man and then disarm and accurately fire a gun at him. Hiccup (See also my comment for episode 111.) Lecture by Notcom, 122217.
+ Adrenaline. Survival instinct. Not "accurately", as he fired several shots and missed. jfh 12Sep2018.

It is surprising that Drake's man could find any of Lester's fingerprints (and no one else's!) on the gun considering the way Perry was handling it in his office before giving it to Paul. TerryS 1/19/2019

Melora Conway nervous? Or just hot on the set? Photo Feb 09, 3 30 35 PM.submitted by Wick
+ Hot, sweaty and sticky. I heard the distinct sound of skin peeling off her seat when she stood up. Kilo 2/18/2022.

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode

Near the end, Robert Wegner makes a surprise appearance as an actor (hired by Paul Drake) pretending to be the man everyone has been looking for, the man who took the defendant from the cottage at the show’s beginning. I won’t completely spoil it by telling you why, but it makes for an exciting ending! Such an important role, in my opinion, but no credit for it! Submitted by gracep, 10/26/2010.
+ At least as Drake is paying Wegner’s character, the detective says, “Friend, you’ve earned your one hundred bucks.” For the first time ever, I believe, we see Wegner smile! Submitted by gracep 10/26/2010.
++ Small wonder Wegner is grinning. Those one hundred 1960-vintage simoleons would be worth $800 in 2015, all for a few minutes' easy work. JohnK, 5 October 2015

I find it puzzling that Lester doesn't try to toss his drink into the gunman's face right before he tackles him. Submitted by scarter 8/25/14

Why did the "kidnapper" need a loaded gun if he was only supposed to detain Lester? He almost got himself killed. Submitted by H. Mason 11/4/14

Since the 'kidnapper' was hired to make trouble for Judson Bailey, it's possible the gun had blanks in it? I know you can get hurt, maybe killed with a 'blank', but still... Submitted by MikeReese, 3/9/22

Before Breaking Bad: Watching the scene in the desert where Lester Martin is about to get whacked (or so he thinks) called to mind some of the more serious consequences in Breaking Bad. JohnK, 5 October 2015

Or "The Hitch-Hiker"1953, starring William Talman as a psychopathic killer (also in the California desert). Joe B. 4/19/19 Doesn't Wynn Pierce look like Dick York? Joe B. 4/19/19

Who is in charge?: Who would be president of the Martin Boat Company after the two candidates for president were removed? Submitted by H. Mason 11/4/14

Perry's full inhale of a cigarette and exhaling smoke through his mouth and nose while speaking, during the jail house interview. is quite rare. Not for Paul though. Joe B. 06/14/21