Hallmark Movie Channel is showing another two-hour modern PM today. During the first hour, the FIOS information showed a description of this episode, #131, but during the second hour, the correct two-hour description was shown. I guess this means no original one-hour PMs until who-knows-when. Submitted by MikeM, 1/29/2013.

This episode is part of the Hallmark Movie Channel PM marathon today. Submitted by MikeM, 2/16/2013.

Sadly, I didn't see Della at all in this episode (the butchered syndicated version broadcast on MeTV). However, her absence was nicely compensated by the presence of the astonishing Lisa Gaye. Submitted by DellaFan, 10/10/2013.
+ TT was the 4th of her 11 absences. "During her time on 'Perry Mason,' Ms. Hale was known industry-wide for her screams. 'She has the best shriek in Hollywood,' Raymond Burr once said" [IMDb]. William Shatner was known as the Male "Fay Wray" for similar reasons. Mike Bedard 3.18.15.
+ You got that right, @DellaFan, Lisa Gaye is a fantastic beauty! Lisa was in 7 episodes of PM, and they are all among my favorites! I especially like the "casual" dress Lisa wore around the Carrillo Drive house in this episode. Submitted by DyNama, 12/4/2013
+ She was also in five episodes of Sea Hunt, where you can see her rocking swimsuits and wetsuits. (Since some Perry Mason fans may also be Sea Hunt fans, I want to mention that official studio-licensed Sea Hunt DVD's have been available for almost the last year. I have the entire four-season set and the quality is amazing. See my review here; I am "Flynt.") Submitted by 65tosspowertrap, 12/4/2013.
+ With Lisa Gaye on screen so much in this episode (and so much of her on screen) it's a challenge to look out for the usual trivia. I'm sure DG1 was in there somewhere, but I missed him. JohnK, 13 October 2015 So, why was her husband "Karl" going to leave her? Joe B. 01/27/2023

This episode is a boater's learning experience, especially if you are new to boating. The trick of reversing your propellers to remove weeds/kelp is one I use ALL the time on my boat at the lake. Whenever we do this at the lake my wife tells all aboard that I am using the Perry Mason maneuver. Submitted by HamBurger, 10/13/2014

Where are the women?: Just as in episode 120, TCOT Misguided Missile, there was only one female character with a speaking part. This story did have extras in the courtroom. Submitted by H. Mason 11/13/14

All that glitters is not gold:
In the beginning of the show, the man who steals the gold has 8 or 9 prop gold ingots in the trunk of his car. Each is larger than a house brick, as shown by the difficulty the man has in getting his open hand around one, to move it. But gold weighs more than 10 times as much as an equivalent volume of common brick. He could never have lifted a real gold ingot of that size with one hand, crouched over beneath the car trunk, the full strain of lifting on his right wrist and forearm alone.

Now, according to the Wikipedia article “Good Delivery”, standard gold bars are 350-430 troy ounces each, with a "nominal" weight of 400 troy ounces, or around 28 pounds avoirdupois. Real gold ingots the size of the prop ingots (approximately 25% larger in all dimensions than a standard gold bar) would then weigh twice as much, or about 56 pounds each.

Therefore the 8 or so prop ingots smuggled aboard the charter ship in a crate by the diver, if real gold, would have weighed a total of at least 450 pounds, which one man could never have carried.

Submitted by cspoleta 12/27/2015

Throwing not gold, but their weight around ?? a common problem on PM is the extra-jurisdictional appearance of Lt Tragg; here the problem seems to extend to both Tragg and Burger: if the Viajero II operates out of San Diego, then why aren't the SDPD and the San Diego County DA handling the case ?? (Admittedly the ship could have left San Pedro, but it seems implausible a smuggling operation would want to spend the extra 8+ hours in US waters) Submitted by Notcom, 122815.

Ray Collins appears to be in pain at times when playing Tragg on the boat. Submitted by Tony Perodeau 2/26/2019

Leon Ulrich (Jack Searl) who was crucial to the gold heist part of the episode, never speaks a word despite being featured. ' 'Submitted by Kenmore 08/27/2020' '