Times have certainly changed in Hollywood. When Della opened up the present of a cougar’s fur (a rug I guess), complete with head, it was one of the more appalling things ever shown on this program. (No, we can’t show glass eyes or use the word “virgin,” but we can throw dead animals around.) Della was excited and gushed at how beautiful it was. Even Perry seemed impressed. I was aghast. The head was still attached. This was the cougar that the angry crippled man (Mike Preston) killed as an act of “mercy,” presumably, after his antagonist wounded it in the leg (as he himself was). (Did I mention the head was still on it?) Submitted by gracep 12/20/2010.
+ I'm sure Della was just humoring Preston. I can't believe that a classy, sophisticated urban gal like Della would display that hideous thing in her home! Submitted by DellaFan, 10/19/2013.
+ Ah! Suddenly, an idea for the episode picture occurs to me. Where did you grow up? This was in California of the wild west. Not the politically correct liberal socialist republic it is now. You shoot it, you display it (after a visit to the taxidermist of course). The head is the best part! This would make a nice bed cover. lol Submitted by daveb, 12/21/2010.
++ I grew up east of the Mississippi river and south of the Mason-Dixon line—not a bastion of liberalism either, by a longshot. Just own a cat, and I see him when I see that cougar. Submitted by gracep, 12/22/2010. When I lived in Detroit in the early 1960's, it was very common for families to decorate their living rooms with stuffed animals and birds, and these people were not hunters at all, but city-dwellers. Women who went to my church wore dead minks and foxes, with their heads on, wrapped around their necks. Times change. Welshwoman 01/15/15
+++ These were days when “men were men, and women and animals were…, well… women and animals!” We have seen and commented on the shrug-at-abusive-attitude-toward-women, and this cougar reflects the zeitgeist. Submitted by cgraul, 11/22/2011. (And I love driving down the Mississippi. Some pretty areas along there.)
++++ Let's all remember now that it isn't fair to judge a television show filmed 60 years ago by today's more enlightened attitudes; let's just be glad that (at least some of) those attitudes have improved! OLEF641 4/17/21
+++++ Let's discuss the other untamed beast here: this is the first of four appearances by Bill Williams; in each role he played a gruff, loud, thoroughly unlikeable character. Knowing that a sophisticated, classy gal like Barbara Hale wouldn't settle for anything less than - and certainly deserved - the very best, looking at him all I can think is "What an actor !!" Notcom, 041721.
+++++ Gross. Just awful. Submitted by catyron, May 12th, 2021.

As Elliot Dunbar is talking to Lydia Reynolds at the house, he oh-so-casually picks up that cute little gun, presumably not knowing if it's loaded or not, and starts waving it around, even inadvertently pointing it at Lydia. He could have easily accidentally shot her. Submitted by 65tosspowertrap, 10/19/2013.

Not sure if the audience was supposed "read" something in the last scene when Mike walked away with his arm around Lydia and the camera cut to Della and Perry. She seemed to have a wry smile on her face. Submitted by H. Mason 11/26/14
+ I certainly caught the look and i too am unsure if that was scripted or spontaneous. Submitted by catyron, May 12th, 2021.

I believe Rita Lynn is evident in the gallery WHILE she is on the stand testifying!!! At about the 40 minute mark. Submitted by WJones 2/21/16