Potential Spoiler.

The fourth episode in succession to use that staircase set, seen in the background of the restaurant scene. DOD 12/18/20

When Davey gets knocked flat on his back in the opening scene, a tasteful blur shields us from the sight of one of Davey’s dumplings making an impromptu appearance. DOD 01/03/22
+ HaHa. Never noticed that before. No blur on the DVD. Kilo 4/7/2022.

In the epilogue scene, we see Gary Lockwood's character get knocked out in the ring. In the next scene, Lockwood is now in the locker room still unconscious as Perry, Paul and Della talk to the former defendant about how they figured out who the real killer was.

A few minutes later, Lockwood wakes up and seems fine.

Today, when a fighter is knocked out he's taken away on a stretcher straight to the hospital if he doesn't awaken in the ring. Here, it seems a good 10 minutes have passed between Lockwood's KO and his awakening with no doctor in sight.

My how times have changed. Submitted by Kenmore 1/03/2012.

37 Strikes Again: Note the appearance of the most frequently-selected supposedly-random two-digit number, 37: Todd Richards called his girlfriend 37 times that month. Compare episode #152, The Promoter's Pillbox. Submitted by 10yearoldfan, 29 August 2013.

The meaning of the poker hand (King of Diamonds, King of Spades, Two of Clubs, Three of Clubs , Four of Clubs) was never explained. In court Mr. Lombard said "more of the old hotel slander". Was there a missing scene or dialog? Did anybody understand the significance of the cards? Submitted by H. Mason 12/15/14

I'll have to watch it again, but it appears that Lombard was holding that hand when he learned that an arsonist he had hired wanted to use the fire to cover up a murder at the hotel. Perhaps someone else can add more details...MikeM. 11/4/2016