Van Cleave’s music really makes this episode. Submitted by gracenote, 7/23/2011.
+ Sorry, but if they had played that ‘Pearls and Jade’ one more time, I would have thrown a shoe at the TV. Enjoyed all the hirsute chests, though. Poor James Forrest - electrocuted in the bath here, just a year before in ‘Meddling Medium’, he died in a plunging elevator. DOD 10/31/19
+ So do the Malibu beach scenes. Submitted by 65tosspowertrap, 11/1/2013.
++ I agree. David Heddison really spiffs up the beach!

Noymann testifies he was planning to spend $1,000,000 to produce “Pearls and Jade” on stage. This would have been an enormous sum for the time. The original production of “How to Succeed in Business”, for example, cost just $300,000. DOD 10/31/22

Looking out the door of the Chase’s home we see a clump of yucca that are not there in the exterior shots. DOD 10/29/21

YAY! for MeTV airing this Hallowe'en episode out of sequence today! jfh 29Oct2021

Perry really takes a risk when he asks a witness to recall the wallpaper pattern of his apartment. Of course, as usual, it turns out in Perry's favor. (What if the witness had answered differently than what Perry was expecting/hoping? He would have strengthened the witness' testimony). This gamble seems like a real stretch, and has been used before to test a witness' memory (turning his back to the witness and asking 'what color tie am I wearing?', etc.). yelocab 22FEB18
+ Perry has other documents in his hands, perhaps other photos for additional inquiries, if needed.

This is one of only a handful of episodes featuring "special days", in this case Hallowe'en. There were no Christmas episodes, one episode with a Memorial Day parade, and one where Perry asks Della whether a telegram he received contains birthday greetings. jfh 31Oct2019.

"The Harris Effect." One wonders whether Herbert Rudley's proximity to Robert H. Harris, the master of histrionic excess, affected his performance as producer Charles Noymann, particularly during Rudley's bombastic, over-the-top courtroom testimony. Submitted by BobH, 22 February 2021.
+"Rudley Redux." Just watched a last-season episode of "Leave It to Beaver" entitled "The All-Night Party" (1963) in which Rudley portrayed the excitable, demanding father of Wally Cleaver's date. Even though Robert H. Harris appeared nowhere in the episode, his influence on Rudley's acting style remains quite pronounced. To borrow from JohnK's comments on Episode 48 (TCOT Purple Woman): Sheesh! Submitted by BobH, 25 March 2021.
++All I can say is I love Robert H. (He’s a hack) Harris. His PM episodes are among my favorites. Submitted by Rickapolis 01/07/22