Still amusing to hear them refer to $1000 bills. There have also been $500 bills referred to in this show too. Anyone know why they did away with those larger denominations? I suppose it would be difficult for a store to make change if you were just purchasing a pack of gum for instance. But to completely do away with them seems silly.
+ the Treasury Dept says the larger denominations were discontinued for "lack of use". IMHO, I'd guess that it's easier to smuggle one $10,000 bill than it would be to conceal one-hundred $100 bills --- not that I'd ever get the opportunity to have first-hand experience with either. jfh 19Mar2024

Is it me, or does John Dall play pretty much the same sort of role in every Perry he's been in? Not that I don't like the guy! Submitted by MikeReese, 1/25/2012
+ It's called typecasting. Added by H. Mason 2/24/15

I once bought something that came with a Certificate Of Authenticity, only, when I took a closer look, it read "Certificate Of Authencity". It sounds to me as though that's what Colin Durant (John Dall) says when confronting Perry in the restaurant. jfh 13Feb2023.

Bad Perry. After the confrontation with Durant in the restaurant, Perry is uncharacteristically rude to Della and Paul. He storms away like a petulent child without a word to either of them, leaving them to scamper after him. Paul attempts to help Della into her coat, but there's only time for her to put one arm into a sleeve and throw her coat around her other shoulder. jfh 19Mar2024

The summary states, "[Perry] finds the dead body of Colin Durant." It's actually Della who finds the body and calls out to Perry. Is this the only episode where Della finds the body? jfh 25Dec2017.
+ I cannot recall another so far. Submitted by catyron, May 21st, 2018
Tragg asks Perry if he knows where Maxine can be found. His reply is a clever evasion - “Miss Street and I certainly have no idea”. It is Paul, of course, who is tracing her. DOD 03/03/23

How did Lt. Anderson know Maxine would be at the Mexican border? If he was at the scene of the murder (mentioned in court testimony) the bus must have made several stops to give him time to get there before Maxine. Submitted by H. Mason 2/24/15
+ Perhaps Andy simply followed Paul. jfh 01Feb2021

Bad Instructor: Most teachers try to encourage their students. What kind of help was Goring Gilbert giving his students with his disparaging remarks? A couple of the drawings were quite good. Submitted by H. Mason 2/25/15
+ I noticed that too. I used to be an artists' model and I never saw an art teacher act that way. Those classes were not compulsory, like in a high school or college -- those were group lessons at a studio. Each student would have paid for instruction, and as adults they would not have tolerated such treatment. This was very unrealistic. Submitted by catyron, May 21st, 2018
++ I actually like the older lady's angular, modern version. Even the old man's version was a nice interpretation. --yelocab 03JUN19

I must have missed something - is it ever explained why both Olneys had copies made? And what was Leslie Rankin's part in all this?
+ I am glad that i am not the only one who didn't get it. I suppose she wanted one for the bedroom and he wanted one for the yacht. It seemed very weel. As for Mr. Rankin, I did not understand her part in it, either. Submitted by catyron, May 21st, 2018

Maxine said the bus was leaving at Nine-Five (9:05). I rewound to make sure I heard it right. Or maybe I mis-heard it. Did anyone ever say the time like that? We say: Nine-Ten, Nine-Twenty, so something like Nine-Five would not be incorrect, just not common today.--yelocab 03JUN19
+ The bus ticket counterman told Paul that the bus left at "Nine-Five", exactly as Maxine said. jfh 17Jan2020

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode

It is never fully explained, but I think that, in anticipation of a nasty divorce, each thought they could foist a copy on the other while holding on to the genuine painting. Durant was the go-between with the copyist. He then planned to blackmail both Olneys to keep quiet. When Gilbert learned Durant was getting $10,000 from each Olney, while only paying him a few hundred, that led to the fight in which Durant was killed. Still not sure about Rankin, other than her selling the original to the Olneys. DOD 01/17/20
And why was Rankin hiding in the dark in Gilbert‘s art studio? No idea. Submitted by Wick 2/16/2022
+ Rankin was there to pick up the copy of the painting Gilbert made for Grace Onley. jfh 21Aug2022