Perry gives Leslie the Business"Come off it Leslie, you manufacture a cheap line of trash nobody in his right mind would dream of putting in a store as fine as Baylor's." LOL!

Hysterical WomanAnother comical performance by an overly hysterical woman. Why would Carla Rinaldi become so panicked at the prospect of two brothers fighting? Her reaction was so severe that she fell off a ladder?! The way it was filmed made it look like she fell in slow motion. Absolutely hilarious.

Admissible Evidence?: Perry used the dresses to get the murderer to confess. Wasn't that evidence gained illegally? Submitted by H. Mason 3/8/15
He didn't actually admit the dresses in as evidence. He just used them to get a confession.--yelocab 26APR18

Alphabetical Order: As Todd checked the phone directiory for Rinaldi's address look at the names to the right. Roy followed by Riley and other names that should have been listed earlier. Some of the phone numbers in the column being checked by Todd were also on the left side. Submitted by H. Mason 3/8/15

The first name of actor Lindsay Workman was spelled incorrectly in the credits. Submitted by H. Mason 3/8/15

That well worn staircase set appears yet again as a hotel lobby.
The workroom scene with Perry and Rinaldi is curious - not one shoot showing them both. Perhaps as a matter of expediency, they were filmed separately. DOD 02/09/21
As noted in Trivia above, Patricia Blair is very lovely, but in her scene with William Hopper her hairpins were so visible as to be distracting. It's surprising that Annabell would be so careless. jfh 27Jan2020

+ In their scene at about 30 minutes in, Paul Drake doesn't seem to be put off by the hairpins. He's unusually leery in this episode. JohnK, 24 February 2022

Everytime I see this episode, I find myself being derailed a bit by the name of the model, 'Nikolai' Wright. What an odd name ... then I saw that the woman who voiced Disney's Minnie Mouse for many years, was named 'Russi' Taylor. Hmmm ... Submitted by MikeReese, 6/27/2021