It’s unusual that in this episode they begin the courtroom scene with an American Flag ritual, the entrance of the judge, and other formal procedures not previously aired. Submitted by gracenote, 2/14/2011.

The opening scene of the assault and arson is a wonderful example of television film noir: the close focus on the crowbar, use of high contrasting light and shadows, camera rack-focusing to follow the slow-moving hand, and the choreography of the fall after the manager is hit. Very nice. Submitted by cgraul, 10/18/2011.

After the warehouse manager regains consciousness and runs outside to activate the fire alarm box, he breaks the glass over the switch (there is an attached hammer for just such a purpose), despite the fact that you could clearly just pull the cover down without breaking any glass. In fact, as he is pulling the lever, the little door (now with broken glass) falls open on its own. [Krazy Karl 82 2/17/2023]

Perry sent Gertie on an errand and he left the office. With Della away who was watching the store? Did Perry take lessons on how to run his business from Constant Doyle? Submitted by H. Mason 3/18/15

For some reason, Perry makes all his office entrances and exits through the back door. When he parks his Lincoln outside the warehouse, there is a noticeable dent on the left front fender. DOD 1/15/18

This is one of those episodes where the victim and defendant are both so obnoxious you almost wish the latter was guilty; no Della...a real bummer. Submitted by Notcom, 040516.

Any episode with Elaine Devry is tops in my book. JohnK, 6 April 2016

Identity Crisis? Tommy Towne's vehicle is an automobile, yet on the door in great big all-caps it clearly says: "TV NEWS TRUCK". OLEF641 7/7/21

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode

It rather amazing how quickly Perry uncovers the whole plot point involving a foreign government. Dorian and Paul supposedly come up through the floor of the warehouse to set their trap for the killer. Wouldn't that have made a lot of noise? DOD 1/15/18
Casey York said that Ross Walker confessed to everything except the national debt. The national debt in 1964 was $311 Billion. Otto Gervaert, 2/22/21.