I'm over here! When the secretary is testifying, she is looking to the side of Burger instead of at him. Not sure if it was the camera angle or the actress was reading cue cards. Very strange.

Melodrama Galore I wonder if the show consciously chose to increase the melodrama in the later seasons. From the fist biting Sunset Blvdish faded movie star to the secretary with the ridiculously distracting widow's veil over her face, most of the supporting cast border on hysterical several times during the show. It's mostly the female characters. However, even Peter Hobbs (Professor Pelham) seems to have only 2 speeds: angry and enraged. Yet another unlikable defendant, which is getting to be a trend. Though the writers seemed to have a fixation with the dangers of alcohol (a plot point in the past 2 episodes), they forgot to write characters that we could actually root for. DellaMason

We are used to seeing Perry’s clients try to manipulate and hide evidence even in accidental death cases (to their later chagrin), but this pushy, wife-bullying, know-it-all defendant is one I actually wished would have been found guilty. Submitted by cgraul, 10/29/2011.

+Absolutely agreed! He yelled at Andy, yelled at Perry, yelled at his wife. He gave bad advice to everyone. And forgot that teachers are supposed to help their students, not alienate them. DellaMason

Question: What happened to Michael for starting the fake kidnapping? The FBI was called. Many off duty police officers were called in and road blocks were set up around the city. There had to be some legal consequences. Submitted by H. Mason 3/31/15

Good to know that Perry and Della are going out for a relaxing evening together at the end of the episode. jfh 17Jan2017.

Implausibilities: After David was returned to his home and questioned by Lt. Anderson why wasn't the FBI there?
Somehow Perry knew about Michael. Minutes after Lt. Anderson got Michael's last name Paul had already investigated the kid and learned he was the son of Mary Manning.
Paul went to Mary Manning's house after midnight to question her.
The scene in the doctor's office seemed almost like a comedy skit. Sande Lukins was surprised at the safe by Dr. Pelham. They turned around and Perry was there. Lt. Anderson walked in on them with a warrant. All that was just before dawn. That would mean Perry, Lt. Anderson and probably the doctor were up all night. There were other bothersome things about the story. Anyone else care to add their thoughts? Submitted by H. Mason 3/31/15
+ I'm usually in bed by 9:00 p.m., so I have noticed all these late night meetings in various episodes. "Why don't you stop by my house at 10:00 to discuss this?", etc. As for the quick arrest warrant, that seems a little implausible, considering the witness and the evidence that needed to be investigated. —yelocab 03JUL19
++ Such is the life of a criminal defense attorney. jfh 02Mar2021

Those head reflectors are worn when examining patients, to direct light into the ears and mouth. Can't think of any reason they would be worn in a research lab. There's that staircase set again, but it looks like it's had a bit of work done since its appearance two episode ago in "TCOT Illicit Illusion". Peter Hobbs looks and sounds remarkably like the Perry Mason stalwart, Whit Bissell. DOD 1/22/18
+ Della explains Dr. Pellham's use of the head reflector "to examine the students". jfh 02Mar2021
++When a head mirror was actually used, the doctor would put it over his or her eye and look through the central hole. The mirror is also concave, to focus the light on the patient. The chances of the mirror lining up with the safe combination, of the combination being readable from across the room, and of Perry being able to deduce that this is what happened, are beyond unlikely. Vladimir Estragon, 6/6/2021.
+++ The premise that one could use a microscope in lieu of binoculars to view something a room away is also borderline absurd: yes the two are "similar" in the way that a toothpick and a tree trunk are "similar"...but hardly interchangeable (perhaps the prefix micro should serve as a clue??) Notcom 071521.

Note the use of the word "phenomenom" in the opening scene by the young lady in the front seat of the car. Kilo 9/19/2018.

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode

Once again the real killer is pretending to be a friend of the defendant. This may be a good way to solve Perry cases: finger the fake friend. --Submitted by 10yearoldfan, 9/13/2014.
Another good way to solve the case is to look for the unnecessary character. In this case the other professor had no particular reason to be in the cast. And until the end we were not given any indication that he had a motive. Submitted by Wick 6/5/2022