Same Old Story The writers of this show have little imagination when it comes to women. The idea that a cold fish like Vera would go to such lengths and risk prison time just to see that her "boyfriend" gets the top job? Then when she realizes he's involved with someone else, she tries to ruin him and physically attacks him? Seems like there are only two motives for murder for women on the show: men and money. Why did they keep Vera around at all? Sure she's an attractive woman but with all the warmth of Nurse Ratchett and the morals of Lizzie Borden. Submitted by DellaMason

There’s a bit of a plot hole. Clyde goes running for help after he knocks Vera down. That makes sense when you are out in the country and there is no phone. But he is in an office building full of phones. Why wasted time trying to hunt down the elevator operator when he could pick up a phone and call an ambulance? Or is it executive syndrome, unable to dial a phone himself, without his secretary to do it for him? Submitted by gracenote, 4/21/2011.
+ Gracenote: not to be picky, but maybe panic? I first wondered why he didn't use the phone right there - but when he saw Vera's blood on his hand, then he panicked. Heck, I would have too!! Submitted by MikeReese 4/3/2013.
++ Clyde knows there is a doctor tenant in the building who could quickly provide aid, and decides to let his feet, not his fingers, do the walking. He encounters a janitor, ascertains the doctor should still be in the building, and dispatches him to also search for the doctor. Remember there was no 9-1-1 and paramedic service back then. HiTechHiTouch, 23 Feburary 2018.

For the umpteenth time, the stock footage of Perry entering the courthouse shows him with a pocket square that disappears by the time he reaches the courtroom. The versatile H.M. Wynant has played victim, killer, suspect, and prosecutor in various episodes. DOD 03/17/20

Free Parking: Forty five minutes in Perry manages yet again to magically get a parking space right in front of the Stanley Mosk Courthouse. We should all be so lucky. Submitted by Eric Cooper, 7 September 2011.

Lazy Eyes: Ah, the lovely Jeanne Bal - did anyone notice that she seemed to have a 'lazy eye' (the left eye)? And then when Clyde confronted her closely beside/behind the desk, she seemed to look over his shoulder a few times in her tirade? She could've yelled at me anytime .. Submitted by MikeReese 4/3/2013.
+ I thought she was looking at the camera - or perhaps a prompter. Clothears - 22/8/2020
++ It seems to me that Paul has the same "lazy" left eye. jfh 02Jun2017.

+++ A lifetime ago I worked in the investment business, with a colleague who highly resembled Jeanne Bal, including the coiffure. And she had a similar commanding and icy demeanor, but that didn't stand in the way of my infatuation. JohnK, 15 April 2022

One of the pleasures of PM is the occasional debate over somewhat arcane legal technicalities. In this case, the admissibility or not of a conversation recorded by a phone tap when that conversation is not actually made over the phone. DOD 04/15/22

The Boat: Mentioned above in the Trivia section - footage of the boat (DO-BU-JE) and the Captain telling Perry he had a phone call came from episode 131 TCOT Travelling Treasure. New footage of Paul and Perry talking near the end of the phone call was added for this story. Submitted by H. Mason 4/21/15
+ Re: new footage. The telephone is a different color. And it looks like Perry is wearing a different style jacket. Kilo 4/10/2020.

Fishing Again: Perry and Paul fishing again. Who was it that said Paul wasn't a fisherman? Submitted by HamBurger 10/10/2016
+ It was Paul himself, in TCOT Frightened Fisherman. Two explanations:
1. Paul specifically meant he wasn't a surf fisherman -- that's what Perry was doing in the scene.
2. The writers of that episode were unaware that Paul had been fishing in previous episodes.
I suspect it was the latter. Continuity of character details from episode to episode was much less important in those days OLEF641 8/13/21

The Defendant: Every time I heard his name, Clyde Darrell, I thought of Clyde Barrow, partner of Bonnie Parker. This show was originally broadcast in 1964 so it was unlikely there was supposed to be some kind of connection to the 1967 movie Bonnie and Clyde starring Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty. Submitted by H. Mason 4/21/15

The Co-Conspirator: Vera describes Holman as a "Private Detective with a highly Questionable Reputation," a common character throughout the 9 seasons. Mike Bedard 4.30.15

Woman Scorned: Original viewers may have heard the #1 Song of February 4, 1965: "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" (Vera toward Clyde) [Righteous Brothers,]. Mike Bedard 4.30.15
> and vocal: Congreve's observation is back again, not for the last time, (certainly) not for the first time, but probably most visibly: her denunciation of Darrell - "I'll DESTROY you!!" almost borders on parody. Notcom, 073120.

Is it me or does Vera pronounce her name "Nero"? Twice when she calls Jarvis it sounds like she says "This is Nero". Kilo 10/10/2018.
+ This is a rejoinder to Jarvis's earlier comment, wondering how Roman emperor Nero reacted when he fed Christians to the lions (allegedly). JohnK, 10 October 2018.
++ Aha! You are correct. I missed that point. Thanks. Another comment: When Vera calls Glen Holman to meet her in the basement garage she doesn't use her name at all. I guess Holman doesn't have too many clients that he knew who must have been calling. Kilo 7/11/2019.

Holman's fee of $5000 would be north of $43,000 today. Wow!! OLEF641 8/13/21

Doing Better The questioning of Elliot Forrest as to why an earlier accountant had been fired would - or at least certainly could - have been objected to as "not best evidence": Archer Bryant, who had actually done the firing, and was in the courtroom, would have been the one to ask. Notcom, 081321.