Burger always behaves as though anger or even threats is automatically proof of guilt. Just because someone is angry does not automatically mean they acted on it. The amount of times a falsely accused person publicly threatened murder on this show is almost comical at this point. "I wish they were dead! Does everyone hear me?" Cut to Burger using this as a smoking gun. Just ridiculous.

The creepy, lecherous, threatening male nurse is appalling. I guess a girl isn't safe anywhere! Submitted by gracenote, 4/27/2011.
+ It is also appalling but completely typical of the times that Reggie did not report his behaviour to his employer. Granted, the second time, she was too distraught, but she certainly could have the first time. I grew up in the era of silence re everything from molestation to rape. We were not supposed to question male behaviour. Sickening. It was at least something to have Perry speak up against the nurse during the trial. Submitted by JazzBaby, 6/17/2019.
+++The behavior of that male nurse made me think he was a patient and that the rest home was actually a mental hospital. When he first meets Reggie, he leers at her and says, "I accept visitors too." What a strange thing for a nurse to say. It was only later that it became clear (to me) he was on staff there.

++ And Paul was in no hurry to return Reggie's good luck charm to her after her failed parachute jump, even though she and her agent, Bennie, spent about a minute at Bennie's car talking. However, when Paul later found out that Reggie was at a cocktail lounge....Submitted by (lowercase, with a comma and period) masonite, 06/29/13.

Poor Perry's arm is still out of commission!

Was it really ever possible to stroll into a store and buy dynamite?

Reggie's agent, Bennie, has a series of dodgy stunts arranged for her -- the parachute jump, the Brahma bull riding, the final stunt shown in her attempt to break into the movies -- but why did neither of them seriously question what she would have to do for the $5,000? In 2013 dollars, that is $36,000(!). Didn't that possibly sound too good to be true for an unknown? Submitted by (lowercase, with a comma and period) masonite, 06/29/13.
+It was a secret. Reggie was told after she passed her tests. You don't tell anybody you're going to fake a channel swim until you're sure the person can be trusted. Added by H. Mason 4/27/15

Cold Comfort: Once again, a warm liquid offered at night -- in this case, nutritious broth, rather than the usual warm milk -- is not to be trusted. JohnK, 22 April 2022

The opening scene features a rare instance of real time filming of a car in motion, rather than the usual rear projection. Lee Bergere bears a strong resemblance to Hank Azaria. In the course of doing her test dives, Reggie's swimsuit changes. DOD 03/12/19
+ Reggie psychs herself up for the dive by saying to herself, "Anytime you're ready, C.B.", referencing an old joke relating to Cecil B. deMille having three cameras set up to film a difficult scene; after the action, when deMille called for each of the cameramen to report in, the first camera had failed, the second cameraman had forgotten to load film in the camera, and the third cameraman called back, "Ready when you are, C.B.!" jfh 07Apr2021

An Oddity: In this story Perry Mason was not shown with his client until the first scene in the courtroom. Submitted by H. Mason 4/27/15

Private "I" Fees: Paul charges "$100 & expenses" per day; Jim Rockford's fee is "$200 a day + expenses." Mike Bedard 5.7.15
+ In the 1946 MGM film Lady in the Lake, Philip Marlowe's daily rate is just ten bucks. Plus expenses of course. JohnK, 24 March 2019

There appears to be no relationship between Barbara Hale and guest actress Jean Hale. HiTechHiTouch 28 Feb 2018

+ That's correct. Jean Hale is descended from Thomas Hale, a settler of Roxbury, MA in 1636. Barbara Hale is from an old Virginia family that possibly goes back to George Hale of Jamestown; this, however, makes her likely related distantly to four-time PM guest star Richard Hale. None are of the same family as famous patriot Nathan Hale. (As for Alan Hale, the skipper on Gilligan's Island and two-time PM guest star, forget it -- his is a stage name.) TriviaSleuth, 8/8/2019

The footage of the boat explosion was a little over the top! Based on what was shown, Reggie would have been hit by boat shrapnel and the force of the blast, since the earlier shot supposedly showed her as just out of the reach of a 6-foot (or so) pole. Noted by DellaFan2 5/5/21

A shore too far Let's leave aside the many absurdities for a moment - we've had plenty of practice doing so...right ?!?! - and concentrate on how a person could attempt this: would some kind of permit or clearance be needed, or can you just wade (or dramatically - and pointlessly - swan dive) into the water and start swimming ?? You'd be crossing a busy shipping channel, and thus could constitute a serious menace - or nuisance - to navigation...and as is often the case in our very regulated world my immediate thought is "you just cant do that!" But sometimes there are surprises; any thoughts...personal experiences (pseudonyms only, please !!)?? Queried by Notcom, 082021.
+ Well, she did have an escort boat. Also, look up the "Catalina Channel Swimming Federation". Joe B. 11/30/22

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode
MAJOR SPOILER: the murderer is (Bill Williams as) Charles Shaw. jfh 10Jun2024