The character Ned Beaumont was previously in Dashiell Hammett's 1931 novel "The Glass Key", and Beaumont's first scene (on page 1) is of him throwing dice in a gambling joint. Writer Jonathan Latimer worked on the screenplay for the 1942 movie version of "The Glass Key". Even though the 1942 and 1935 movie versions changed Beaumont's name to "Ed", I wonder if Latimer was attempting a homage to Hammett, who died in 1961. A less-silly story would have been better (why, for example, is Tony Cerro still alive?), though the double play of Ruta Lee and Myrna Fahey definitely chips in for enjoyment. Submitted by (lowercase, with a comma and period) masonite, 07/01/13.
+ Toss in the delectable Della and make it a trifecta. Submitted by DellaFan, 1-19-2014.

The two times Jacob Leonard showed the photograph to Peter he asked Mr. Warren if he knew "the dark-haired woman". Myrna was the only woman (and just about the only person) in the picture. He should have asked: "Do you know this woman?" Submitted by H. Mason 4/30/15

Myrna seems to be doing her best to channel Elizabeth Taylor ala “Butterfield 8”. DOD 04/12/21

In another of PM's many subtle attempts to break the color barrier, a black couple appears as customers in the casino. DOD 03/14/19

When Perry calls Paul from the dead woman's apartment, he sure seems to go out of his way to reveal a lot of information for the benefit of Leonard.

Sound Effect: The doorbell at Myrna's apartment was heard twice. There was a chime beside the door that should have made a different sound. Submitted by H. Mason 4/30/15

The killer's comments near the end of the court hearing: "I couldn't have that. I just couldn't have that", were similar to remarks made by the killer in # 100 TCOT Lavender Lipstick. Jonathan Latimer was credited with writing the teleplay for both stories. Submitted by H. Mason 5/1/15
+ The killer's voice saying, "This is crazy! She's just shootin' wild, tryin' to get off the hook!", sounds rather rather like a voice from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? jfh 16May2024

I commented on the Lavender Lipstick page how much I enjoyed that confession. No disrespect, but Dabs did it better. Happy this site is still alive and well, Rickapolis 04/27/22
There was no "wrap up" scene after the court room drama. Were there any more such episodes. Was this a fetv cut? Joe B. 12/30/21
+It must have been an FETV cut. They’re always egregious. The usual chuckle-up ending takes place back at the casino with the cast and Bentley doing an explainer. And Della at the slots. Submitted by Wick 4/27/2022.

In the Chips Integral to the plot, and discussed extensively - yet without detail - is the concept of counterfeiting casino chips. Nowadays there are probably any number of technologies to make this task difficult, but one wonders what methods were in use in 1964: copying the chips themselves would seem to be quite easy, so there must have been frequent changes in design and rotation of inventory ...almost nightly, I would think, would have been necessary. Pondered by Notcom, 073019.Peter Breck as Peter Warren

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode
MAJOR SPOILER: the murderer is (Peter Breck as) Peter Warren. jfh 10Jun2024