Was there any reason why neither the PhD student nor Logan's class went above his head? Acting chancellor means he didn't have the job yet. There are always ways you can complain about abuses of power in the classroom, even at the college level. It bugged me that the PhD student almost resorted to murder rather than complain to the actual chancellor or even Board of Trustees of the college. He knew that Logan was angling for the top job so doing that would have really hurt his chances and potentially changed his behavior.

During the student demonstration Shirley Logan says, "You came to college to drive your convertibles and do 'The Swim'." Bobby Freeman's "C'mon and Swim" (#5 Pop, #5 R&B) was released in 1964 and became a popular dance craze. Nice pop culture reference for the time. Submitted by Mason Jar 8/23/11

Corpus Ridiculus, the Season Nine Runner-Up. Were it not for Richard Carlson's assuming a weird "palms up" position in "TCOT Avenging Angel" (#263), the winner of this season's CR Award would probably be Barry Atwater, whose body is found stretched far too far over his office desk with his left hand tucked nicely in at his side. Probably the only way the entire top half of his body could remain as it's found atop the desk would be if he were fully impaled by the paper spike onto it, and, given the murderer's identity, I doubt that was the scriptwriter's intent. Submitted by BobH, 30 January 2018.

The set designers often showed questionable taste in wallpaper, but they outdid themselves with the ugly and clashing patterns in the Logan house.
I'm impressed by the direction of the courtroom scenes, especially the dramatic lunge of the murder weapon.
The first opening credits omitting both Ray Collins and William Talman. DOD 3/20/18

Amazing how much Michael Walker looks like his brother, Robert Walker Jr. I really thought it was Robert who acted in this episode. Robert was noted for his role in the original Star Trek episode, Charlie X. Feat of Clay 4/9/18.
+ Even more amazing the resemblance to their father, Robert Walker. DOD 04/08/20
++ Thank you! I was certain I saw Charlie in this episode and was there was no mention of that episode in the Star Trek Alert section above! post by Apofisu 03/03/23

Two themes permeate this episode: the explicit one, of course, is integrity.. or lack of same; but the implicit one - which was a major concern of the 60's, and thus rather dates it - is respect... particularly respect between generations. Unfortunately the courtroom behavior of the attorneys demonstrates why it became a concern: Bob is a senior, likely 21 or 22 - the actor himself was almost 24 - thus an adult (even by the more restrictive definition of majority existing at the time), yet the Prosecutor addresses him not as 'Mr. Hyatt', but 'Bob'; and Perry is little better: he gives a brief, rather patronizing pep-talk on responsibility, yet later refers to him as a "teenager". PM seemed at its best with the hardboiled and clearly defined stereotypes of the Depression/ film noir era(s), and when it left that milieu for the increasing complexities of the 60's the results were often awkward. Notcom, 080919.

Creepy again What is it with Perry, getting himself let into people's rooms and then sitting in the dark, waiting for them? He did this in #220, TCOT Tragic Trophy, too - it's just creepy. Why wouldn't he at least turn on the light while he's waiting? Instead, he just sits there, silently in Bob Hyatt's dorm room, staring into the dark, for who knows how long... Submitted by BellaDella, 13 May 2021