Although he is listed in the credits, Dan Tobin as Terrance Clay does not appear. Submitted by gracenote, 5/18/2011.
+You must have watched an edited episode. He appears in the scene with Burger and Drumm making cracks about the clam chowder with Drumm right as Perry joins them. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 11/07/17.

At the very end Blake Leonard shows no sign of having been in a fiery car crash. Pete Griston is in Rettig's office no more than ten seconds before the two mechanics come rushing in - surely not enough time to commit the crime as described by Drum. When Perry joins Pappy for a drive, it is obvious there is no glass in their goggles. A cup from the Curious Coffee Set appears in the diner scene. DOD 3/23/18

IMDb has 15 Perry listings for Dan: 14 as Terrance, including "Runaway Racer" & "Sausalito Sunrise Credit Only" ('65-66) & 1 as "Dickens" in "Scandalous Sculptor" ('64). I remember 1 reference to "CLAY'S" in the 1st Season. Mike Bedard 2.19.15.
+ As far as I remember, though a scene was shot at "Clay's", Clay himself did not appear. OLEF641 9/14/21

The stock footage of the crash shows the car smashing into a wall with a grandstand in the background, neither of which appear in the rest of the scene. DOD 05/17/22

TCOT Crazy Chapeaux: Loyal viewers are punished with some silly wardrobe in this episode. The bad guy Harvey Rettig (Anthony Caruso) is sporting a junior Stetson, maybe from a kid's birthday party, and which he doesn't remove indoors. (Pardon my stereotype, but Caruso seems better suited to some sort of mob boss just in from Chicago, as in #156 TCOT Playboy Pugilist.) Then there is Gavin MacLeod, playing a goofy journalist, topped off by an out-of-place Swiss-looking lid, which argues with his ill-fitting suit and bow tie. What were the producers thinking at this point? JohnK, 16 February 2018
+ "Bravo, Caruso." Sorry I have to disagree with you on this one, JK, at least regarding Anthony Caruso. He certainly played his share of "mob boss"-type roles in the course of a long and prolific career, but his acting credits reveal that even given his tough guy mug, he was quite versatile and played a wide variety of primarily character parts. And, in my opinion, he's much more believable as the scurvy non-mob boss Harvey Rettig than are Michael Constantine--an otherwise fine actor--as hot-headed Irishman Pappy Ryan or Gavin MacLeod's "goofy" gum chewing reporter Dan Platte. (See my additional comments below.) Respectfully submitted by BobH, 8 April 2019.
++ Talking about stereotypes: I remember a humorous TV commercial from perhaps the 1970s in which familiar movie and TV heavies Bruce Gordon, Richard Devon, Anthony Caruso, Elisha Cook--all also PM guest cast members (and heavies)--and Harold (Oddjob) Sakata were hawking some make of car. I don't think it lasted very long, but I wish it were still available on YouTube. Submitted by BobH, 8 April 2019.
+++I hate to disagree, JohnK, but I love Gavin MacLeod's Alpine hat. His character was meant to drip oil, and that hat helped make the point. Anyone who trusted Dan Platte deserved what they got. Just MHO. Submitted by "The Mad-Hatter" Rickapolis 05/17/22
+++"Platte in the Hat." Wait a minute! That "crazy chapeaux" worn by Gavin MacLeod as Dan Platte looks like the same one worn by John Conte, Russell Arms, and Richard Carlson in several other Season 9 episodes. The omnipresent staircase is one way of cutting costs, but the same hat worn by actor after actor? You can tell the series was on life support at this point. Submitted by BobH, 12 October 2023.

Attention Car Buffs!!!...2 great looking vehicles on the street outside the courthouse, coming out of commercial around the :36 minute mark. Unknown "woodie" station wagon crosses the intersection from right to left. Facing the camera and corner is a beautiful circa 1959 white Ford Thunderbird. Bob61571, 23 March 2017

All Hams on Deck. Perhaps in honor of Robert H. Harris, who appears in this episode, both Gavin MacLeod and Michael Constantine give scenery-chewing--and, in one case, gum-chewing--performances worthy of the Master himself. Submitted by BobH, 6 April 2019.
+ Harris seemed almost sedate in this episode. tho maybe it's just that he was so upstaged by Contantine's chewing - TCOT Runaway Repast would have been a fitting alternate title ! - that he just blended into that well-gnawed scenery. Notcom 091421.

So, when Pappy Ryan kept complaining about the problems with his car, why did I keep thinking that he should have tried a little shot of Windex to make it all better? TriviaSleuth 8/17/19