It seems that this season really goes a long way toward showing the changes in policing and the justice system in protection of suspects' rights. Burger and the LAPD are being taken to task episode after episode for violating or threatening Perry's clients' rights. It's a change from previous seasons where suspects and witnesses were routinely denied counsel without comment from Perry or anyone else. By 1966, there was apparently a brighter spotlight on unethical practices by attorneys and police. It's actually a refreshing change. Burger has behaved abominably with regard to hiding evidence and witnesses. It's high time Perry expose him and others like him in the name of justice. Submitted by DellaMason

I thought this was one of the better episodes (tight directing, fast pace) despite having a few plot holes (like why the mechanic was not missed or interviewed). I wonder when the rules of discovery (prosecution and defense sharing information) was active given Hamilton Burger withholding witnesses, etc. Submitted by Perry Baby 1/12/14
+ I don't know about all the other remakes, but this remake was rated slightly higher by IMDB reviewers than the original "Fugitive Nurse." I like them both a lot, but give the nod to this one. It is more intense and dramatic. Rich P 10/25/21

I liked the Scene where Paul Drake's operative, posing as a press photographer at the airport, served a Defense SUBPOENA on Burger's witness - with the DA at his side! "Subpoena" comes from Latin words meaning "UNDER PENALTY," Amendment 6: "In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the have COMPULSORY PROCESS For Obtaining Witnesses In His Favor." Mike Bedard 3.3.15.

Laraine Keely's apartment set was seen in the previous episode, 'Midnight Howler', and just a few shows ago in 'Silent Six'. We get a good look at Della’s odd filing system - eight individual drawers for the letters ‘I’ through ‘P’. Questioning Drumm regarding the many sets of fingerprints on the flask, Perry never suggests that any one of those people could have spiked the whiskey. Drumm can’t make up his mind whether to pronounce Los Angeles with a hard or sift ‘G’. DOD 04/02/18

"Morgue" was the "name of [a] Building in Paris housing Dead bodies not Identified" (Webster's Unabridged Dictionary). Mike Bedard 3.3.15.

"[Ancient] Fingerprint History: Prehistoric picture writing of a hand with ridge patterns was discovered in Nova Scotia. In ancient Babylon, fingerprints were used on clay tablets for business transactions. In ancient China, thumb prints were found on clay seals. In 14th century Persia, various government papers had fingerprints (impressions) & 1 official, a Doctor, observed that No 2 fingerprints were Exactly alike (US Marshals Service For Students website). Mike Bedard 3.3.15.

At the time of the '66 episode, there was a Federal Aviation AGENCY created in 1958; in 1967, the Federal Aviation ADMINISTRATION was placed in the new Department of Transportation (FAA website). Mike Bedard 3.3.15.

I had to edit the summary to remove a fact actually only revealed in the last 2 minutes of the episode. That's a spoiler! Submitted by DyNama, 3/3/2015.

Speaking of editing, the entire first scene at the airport is cut from the MeTV version. It's shown in the FETV version. I wonder what scenes were cut from the latter? Certainly not the shower scene.LOL My satellite subscription broadcasts both channels, so I get a total of six episodes a day, morning, afternoon, and night. One of the few shows worthwhile to watch, even multiple times. Someday, I'll get the DVD series. Joe B. 05/26/2022
+ Be sure to check to also check your lineup for Sundance TV which airs 5 PM episodes Thursdays beginning at midnight CT and again Friday AM, 2 episodes at 3AM CT. jfh 13Sep2022

Lisa Gaye is stunning here! Submitted by DyNama, 3/3/2015.
+ She's beautiful when she's angry. JohnK, 21 November 2015
+ + She is also clever using the same tactic Perry did with the defendant, the old slipping out the back door/window trick when Perry visits her apartment. Submitted by HamBurger 07/01/2017

When Perry intruded on her shower, Lisa Gaye sure did get ready quickly. She dried off and got fully dressed in the time it took him to look at a few envelopes. I wish my wife could get ready that quickly! Submitted by Paul's Operative. 1/7/2024.

When Perry and Paul see a picture of Loraine (Lisa) for the first time, they both describe her as "nice" and then we had the gratuitous shower scene with her. Interesting how she was in the shower with the door closed, possibly behind a closed bedroom door, with the record player on with music, and somehow she heard Perry knock on the front door and told him to come in. She has great hearing and trusting. Submitted by Perry Baby 1/24/17.
+ Yes, Lisa as Loraine displays many fine qualities. Nevertheless I am troubled by the music Loraine is listening to in the gratuitous shower scene. Lisa starred in the trailblazing 1956 film Rock Around The Clock as the principal dancer for Bill Haley's Comets, as well as some other early rock movie classics, and would never listen to such dopey stuff. JohnK, 23 February 2018
+I am much more troubled by Perry's inappropriate behaviour in that shower scene. He has pulled the same stunt many times, intruding into a woman's apartment, startling her, and forcing her to talk to him, but this was the creepiest version of it yet. He could have called out to her and given her a chance to dress, but no...he prefers to come across as a sexual predator! Ugh. I guess it was just another excuse, typical of these late seasons, to let the viewers ogle a semi-naked woman. Oh, the "liberated" Sixties! Submitted by JazzBaby, 6/24/2019.
+ Indeed it was creepy. The shots were so far up her leg you can briefly see the edge of her bathing suit, at least in the IMDB version. Rich P 10/26/21

Interesting to see some addressed envelopes in this episode without zip codes. I would have thought they'd have been in use by the time this was filmed.
+ Yes, zip codes came along in 1963, accompanied by the two-letter state-codes (CA for Calif, PA for Penna). The system only became mandatory, however, in 1967, and then only for bulk commercial mail. People who has printed non-zip return addresses on their stationery were allowed to use up their supplies, however, and the White House did not add the zip code to their own address until 1971. As late as 1973, the Post Office was issuing a 10 cent first class stamp that urged people to use zip codes, because even after a decade, the digitization system was unpopular with the public. Submitted by catyron, August 3rd, 2018
+ Several of the envelopes only had name, street, and "L.A." Not even the state. I guess that was ok with intra-Calif mail; otherwise would be a monster to sort. Rich P 10/26/21

Early in the episode, Al Dolby (the mechanic) unwraps a stick of chewing gum, and casually tosses the wrapper on the floor. As Jud Bennett enters to give Fielding his case, he bends down, and picks up the wrapper. He makes such a show of noticing it, and picking it up, I thought for sure it would be a plot point brought up later. I don't think it was, or did I miss something? Submitted by Chief Kurtz, 20 January 2022.

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode

The only problem with having Richard Erdman in a show (of any kind) is that it's better than even odds that he's gonna play the baddie .. man just LOOKED suspicious! Submitted by MikeReese 5/17/2013

This may be the only show where the name of the murder victim is not known until the last few minutes of the show. Submitted by PaulDrake 33. 3 March 2015
+ I guess no one missed the mechanic when he did not show up for work. Also, when the camera was behind the pilot just prior and could not see his face, a viewer gets suspicious. Submitted by Perry Baby 1/17/17.

We been hoodwinked: We were supposed to believe the man in sunglasses waiting outside Laraine's house was Kavanaugh and if you look closely it actually is Russell Arms (Kavanaugh). However, when Lt. Drumm brings him and Laraine into court he has changed into Stacey Fielding! Kavanaugh showed up in court later on his own. Submitted by Kilo 2/4/2018.

Fraudulent Invoice Since this comes out during the final scene in Perry's office, I don't think it is a spoiler; however -- Paul Drake admits to padding his bill to Perry by $175 ($1400 in 2021 dollars) for the personal purchase of golf clubs?! That is so unethical. But it is treated as a joke. I really don't think this would have played well in an early episode. Rich P 10/26/2021