I was under the impression that since William Talman's arrest in 1960 that he would no longer be credited for episodes he did not appear in. Unless his part was cut out of the syndicated version of this episode, he did not appear but was credited. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 6/26/12.
+ I just watched the unedited print off of Season 9, Volume 2. William Talman does not appear, but is credited. Submitted by Bill-W2XOY on 08/28/13.

Jake Stearns’ lawyer certainly doesn’t inspire confidence. DOD 05/11/20

During the fight scene, actor Paul Lukather does a good job of throwing his punches with form suitable for a trained boxer. Usually fight scenes just have wild haymakers. Ed Zoerner, 8/16/20,

The scene of Perry & Paul in the Records office being helped by Lt. Drumm is interesting in the sense that Perry lights Lt. Drumm's cigarette while an "American Cancer Society" sign is featured prominently in the background. Submitted by Kenmore 11/4/2012
+The placement is so obvious that it would have to be intentional. William Talman did an anti-smoking commercial that aired after his death but according the Internet it was not diagnosed until September 1967 so no connection. Perry Baby 1/30/14
+ + The connection may have been to the death of Ray Collins, who had died from emphysema not long before this episode was shot. Submitted by francis, 5/6/14.
+ + + Ray Bidwell Collins was Born December 10, 1889 in Sacramento & Died July 11, 1965 in Santa Monica [IMDb]. Mike Bedard 3.13.15

I was very proud of the woman in this scene who stood up for herself and told the police detective that her name was "Millicent" NOT "Honey"! So why in the credits is she just described as "Woman Clerk"! Not fair! Submitted by Welshwoman 03/16/15
+ Agreed. I was also surprised that the stunt actor who played Art Grover got no credit. I realize he had no lines, but he was in a fight scene and he died -- which should count for something! Submitted by catyron, August 16th, 2018
++ See my comment below under the spoiler alert banner, Submitted by HamBurger, 8/29/2020

Perry's Dilemma in Misguided Model is similar to the one in Capering Camera; "Misguided" was used in another of the 12 MM episodes: Misguided Missile; "Model" appeared in another title: Reluctant Model. Mike Bedard 3.16.15.

In a case of life imitating art, in the mid 80's adult film star Marilyn Chambers was revealed to be the face of Ivory Snow detergent. DOD 4/10/18

Close your eyes and you would be forgiven for mistaking Rita Lynn for Ann Baxter.

A couple unusual aspects to this episode - an African-American policeman, and Perry has no court time. DOD 4/10/18

The Travelling Target Show. If I was handling a tense, armed standoff, I know just what I'd do: send up a handful of unneeded people - Fern, Paul - to the site...and put them w/i firing range, no less!(Really the former's whole appearance in LA was gratuitous, but she showed such spunk I guess we can forgive it.) Notcom, 072517.

When the cops arrest Jake Stearns it appears they're going to drive off leaving the body of Art Grover on the sidewalk. Kilo 11/17/2018.

Spoiler Alert! Do not read below if you have not seen the episode!

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Also, Rudy Blair's (the agent) constant holding his head from the blow from Duke was a bit over done as it continued for all of his scenes. Submitted by Perry Baby 1/30/14
+ At first i thought he had a migraine and my husband thought he had a hangover, but eventually we both guessed "concussion," and it turned out that we were right. Submitted by catyron, August 16th, 2018
++ Note: my comment added here from above on why Art Grover was not credited. He was already dead behind that couch as a corpse so he didn't have any lines and was not involved in the fight as that was a different actor, Rudy Blair (the agent) as "Perry Baby" mentions just above. Submitted by HamBurger, 8/29/2020