Sure is a lot of smoking in this one (Perry and Paul). Submitted by daveb, 11/17/2008.
+ Perry accepts a light for his cigarette from Frances Celane when they first meet in his office, but stubs it out before taking another drag. jfh 26Apr2018.
++ Seems this fact even irked Perry at one point. When Paul was puffing away in the courtroom hallway, Mason threw his own smoke to the floor in frustration before he'd even lit it! MFrench, 11/19/16

Our first appearance of that staircase set that would see so much use, although here it has been configured with a curve instead of a landing. Overall, these early shows have a greater variety and richness in the sets and props. Later shows recycle sets and props to an almost comical extent. During Perry's questioning of Clara there is a brief shot of the spectators behind his desk. I thought I spotted Bess Flowers, but when Perry sits down, the chair she was in is empty. The murder happens after 11pm? My, that moon is bright! And why, with such a huge car, does Crinston squeeze into the front seat? DOD 04/24/18

Wasn't it Graves doing the squeezing? Which he has to in order to have an excuse to take Crinston's briefcase, turn around to put it on the rear seat, and thus "see" someone bumping off Frances Celane. Submitted by Clothears 7th Nov 2020.
+It was Edward Norton who got bumped off. Frances lived happily ever after. Submitted by wick 4/5/2022.

The $67,585 that Crinston stole would be worth something like $497,804.94 in 2007 dollars. Submitted by billp, 12/26/2008.

Larry Thor makes his first of two appearances on Perry in this show. Larry Thor was a big name in old-time radio, playing the lead in Broadway Is My Beat from 1949 until 1954. Submitted by PaulDrake33, 1/28/2009.
+ Larry Thor was also the announcer on the CBS radio series "The Adventures of Rocky Jordan" in the same years that he played the lead role of Danny Clover in "Broadway Is My Beat." In my opinion he was a terrible announcer, but a truly outstanding radio actor. "Broadway Is My Beat" was among the best of the best of old-time radio because the of the writing, production quality, and the outstanding acting. Too bad he got only two lines in this episode of Perry Mason. Submitted by oldgray, 2/27/2014.

Sad Syndication Cut: The photo at the top of this page shows the shapely Ms. Street seductively lounging on what appears to be a sofa in Perry's office. Sadly, this scene was cut from the syndicated version shown on MeTV. Submitted by DellaFan, 3/14/14.
+ MeTV restored this scene in the version shown tonight...MikeM. 7/15/2016

Odd that the episode carried the character names "Edward Norton" and "Gleason" over from the 1933 novel. The Honeymooners skits had just finished its run on CBS a few months before and most of the audience would have been familiar with the names. TV viewers not familiar with the novel may have thought the names were an injoke directed at the other series. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 11/17/14.

Smiling Paul cites Walter Winchell. Not his rival, Hedda Hopper? Submitted by Little Blue Bicycle, 3/26/15.

As the series progresses, it seems the writers incorporate many inside jokes of which only longtime fans are aware. Imagine Paul Drake citing Hedda Hopper's gossip column (actor William Hopper citing his real life mother) and how much fun that might have been for viewers "in the know"! Writers of the early episodes may have hesitated to make connections between the real and fictional Perry Mason worlds so common (and enjoyable) in later episodes. Submitted by CCullinC on 9/10/2019.

Paul Drake makes a reference to [Francis] "Two Gun Crowley": "an American murderer & career criminal. His crime spree lasted nearly 3 months, ending in a 2-hour shootout with the NYC PD in May 1931...He was executed by the Electric Chair in Sing Sing Prison in 1932 [wikipedia]." Mike Bedard 3.26.15

Is this the tick-tockiest episode of them all? The judge checking his watch & setting it by the time announced on the car radio, Della checking her watch at midnight, the myriad of shots of desk and wall clocks before, during and after the crime. MFrench 11/19/16

Re-reading the plot description, I wondered how a man with the money and apparent power the uncle had didn't know his niece had been married secretly for FIVE YEARS. Hmmm ... oh, well! Submitted by MikeReese, 8/14/17

Is this the first episode where Perry gets loud and angry in court? I refer to the scene where he asks William Schallert (Graves) to read the index cards. "Louder, Mr. Graves" "I can't hear you".

"The Case of the Nimble Judge." Just as Judge Purley completes his testimony on the witness stand, we get a quick shot of Hamilton Burger reacting to another defeat at PM's hands. Sitting in the gallery immediately behind Burger is . . . Judge Purley. Submitted by BobH, 2 April 2020.

Blue Collar Guy has some pretty good hearing. With the lawnmower running, he can still hear the argument happening in the house. Submitted by Kenmore 6/16/2021

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode
MAJOR SPOILER: the murderer is (William Schallert as) Graves. jfh 08Jun2024