Although Arthur Marks was probably the most prolific of the series' directors (credited with over 70 of the episodes), this episode was oddly cold in its portrayal of the characters. Two beautiful women were not enough to raise the interest level of a great story above the mundane. cgraul 4.11.2012
+ Arthur has 76 Director, 101 Producer & 43 Associate Producer credits [IMDb PM series]. Mike Bedard 6.9.16. //

I have to respectfully disagree with cgraul. I thought this was one of the more compelling episodes: 'Grant Reynolds' cold, 'win-at-all-costs' attitude is one the most unpleasant portrayals I've seen. The man is almost psychopathic in his rage, as Perry points out, against anyone (or anything) that might threaten his hold over his wife (or anything else he 'owned'), suspecting her of cheating with little evidence. And considering that he suspected (actor Joe De Santis as 'Melvin Slater', not exactly the handsomest man you could find) him on sight ... there was even a little lightening at the end when Paul revealed that he couldn't find out who Helen Reynolds was seeing! MikeReese 7/31/2012

FWIW, I agree with MikeReese. I think the icy coldness of both Grant Reynolds and his wife were apropos of their relationship as revealed by the story. Submitted by billp, 2 August 2012.
+ This is the fifth episode in a row featuring a bad marriage. In this episode it's a really bad marriage. Submitted by 65tosspowertrap, 5-16-2014.
+ Correction: there are two bad marriages in this episode. 65tosspowertrap, 5-21-2014.

IMHO John Stephenson (Grant Reynolds) bears a strong resemblance to John Dehner (Major Lewis in The Sardonic Sergeant ep43) jfh 25Aug2022

As a Sally Field fan (especially in her Gidget incarnation), it is fascinating to me to see her mother--Maggie Mahoney--in this episode. "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." Submitted by 65tosspowertrap 9/16/2013.

I'm amazed at the scathing denunciations that Helen Reynolds hurls at Perry. I don't recall any other character in any other episode talking to him like that. Perry seems unfazed by it. I suppose you have to have a thick skin to do what he does. Submitted by 65tosspowertrap, 5-16-2014.
+ Scathing, yes, but Perry was asking her to sign a scorched-earth indemnification. I've had to sign a few of these along the way, and never been very happy about it. She's just voicing the feelings of behind-the-8-ball litigants everywhere. JohnK, 25 August 2022

+ Helen or Doris ? Brunette or Blonde? Much as with Ginger or Mary Ann ?? PM offers up its own eternal question, comparing this denunciation with the one offered in Ep2 ("I won't tell you what I think of you...") Proffered by Notcom, 071219.

Why doesn't the husband simply give Interstate Detective Agency a photo of his wife instead of just describing her? Submitted by scarter, 7-13-14

More questions: How did Mrs. Slater know which apartment to go to when she was looking for her husband? Did she go through the building knocking on every door? Did Agnes and Eva get paid for the time they lived in Helen's apartment? Even though Melvin Slater was dead Mrs. Reynolds should have been responsible for paying them. Submitted by H. Mason 10/15/14
+ and Agnes should have been charged with theft of $1,800 from Mr. Slater. jfh 27Jul2020 In the wrap up "Aunt Agnes" explains to Paul's question that she stole the money so she could return it to it's "rightful owner" Barbara Slater. Perry says nothing, but he knows from Eva Martell that Auntie is a liar.Joe B. 01/04/2023

Wow!! Ms. Martell's salary of $100/day comes out to just under $900 in 2020 money, or a little over $6,000/week. Add in her aunt's $25/day and the two of them are clearing over $1100 A DAY! No wonder she looks so happy. OLEF641 12/9/2020