Has anyone else ever noticed a sort of "sub-theme" to this episode? All the main characters blame themselves for others' behavior. Dr. Craig blames himself for not safely keeping the tapes; Edith blames herself for Mark's behavior, and Mr. Heywood blames himself for his wife's alcoholism.
+1 Peter 4:8 "Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins." NIV
++ Ironically, this very line - more or less - made it's way into the script for the PM screen tests; the tests demonstrate a great deal of racy humor- which didn't quite make it into the actual show - and also the premise of "don't take off your fur coat" (tho I doubt the reason in the series was the same as here!) Tacked on by Notcom, 072519.

For my money, Mark is the most thoroughly despicable character in the series. Too bad he overreached himself blackmailing and cheating five people simultaneously. DOD 08/07/20

Don't speak out in Judge Frederic Worlock's courtroom. You might get five days in jail, postponed only until you testify for the prosecution. Submitted by MikeM, 11/02/2012.

+ I admit I wait for this exchange in the show! I love his voice! Submitted by MikeReese, 12/22/2020.

"Police discover murder victim!" Seriously? A murder in Los Angeles gets a giant headline on the front page? Even in the Fifties, I'd have to think murders were fairly common in Los Angeles. Submitted by scarter, 8/3/14
And what size type would the Chronicle use to announce World War III?
+ The confession headline shown in the epilogue would still make the front page today...MikeM. 6/24/2016

During the trial, Mark Douglas, the victim, was supposedly strangled hours before his murder. Who did this? I got the impression and other possible plot threads were not shown. Submitted by Perry Baby 2/24/15
+ Mark was choked for a few seconds by a very angry Dr. Craig. Mark's sister stopped the assault...MikeM. 6/24/2016

In the opening scene, Edith carries her milk upside down.

"You have a very Loyal secretary," Perry says to Heywood; so does Perry. Della Street was a Career Girl Before Women's Lib in the '60s when Lt. Uhura pioneered a new type of Female character.
+This scene and dialog reminded me about how my schoolmates and I used to joke about the relationship between Joe Mannix and his secretary, Peggy: the girls insisted that they were either secretly married or intimate, because they said 'no secretary cares about her boss like that!' Submitted by MikeReese, 12/22/2020
Notice also how Perry dotes on Della: bringing her her gloves and handbag, and holding her handbag while she puts on her gloves. What a sweetie! jfh 30Sep2016

Time Tunnel: Frankie Avalon's "Venus" was the #1 song on April 4, 1959.

Episode has an impressive array of cars, per The Cars. However MeTV edited out all the car scenes yesterday except the brief one with the police car which includes a glimpse of a white-top sedan somewhat obscured. Ronny Fowler's car I believe. How much does MeTV cut out? About 10 minutes? Makes sense plot-wise to cut those scenes, though it subtracts from the 50s ambience. Rick P 24Aug21

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode

Some things that don't make sense in the courtroom: (1) how does Burger know the details of the private conversation between Edith and Mark in her apartment (that Mark told her he needed the tape or he would be killed); (2) how does Burger know that the Dr. had [lightly] strangled Mark? (I supposed Edith could have told Burger, but would she admit that the Dr. tried to strangle her brother?); (3) On the stand, Heywood says he believed the Dr. when he said he would kill Mark, if he had to, to get the tapes back, but then admits he thought Mark and the Dr. were in cahoots together — so Heywood couldn't have believed the Dr. really would kill the person he was plotting with. —yelocab 02JAN20