BARBARA HALE PASSES AT THE AGE OF 94. The news is reporting that Barbara Hale passed on 1/26/2017*, at her home in Sherman Oaks CA. Thank you, Barbara, for all the wonderful work you have left behind for us...MikeM. 1/27/2017
(*Which would have been William Hopper's 102d Birthday. Noted by Notcom 012817).

Dean Harens who plays Frank Fettridge make the first of four appearances on Perry Mason. Mr. Harens is without a doubt the smarmiest character to appear on Perry. Every time he comes on screen, I have this terrific urge to run up and begin to choke him. Submitted by PaulDrake 33, 29 July 2008.
+ He has 85 IMDb credits; the 3 other Perrys were "Paul Drake's Dilemma," "Wandering Widow" & "Fatal Fortune." Mike Bedard 6.27.16.

Seems to me that when Fettridge testifies someone called out from Bordenís studio, true or not, Perryís case is made. That someone could just as well have been our killer. DOD 08/11/20

The episode description above is seemingly incorrect. Andrews does not maintain that Dawn Manning was in his car at the time. He claims the girl he took home claimed to be a Beatrice Cornell but was actually Loretta Harper. I also donít believe he ever said anything to Perry about Dawn Manning being a photo model. Submitted by Wick 1/05/2022

What is up with the picture posted on this episode? It is a picture of Perry in Mexico from Episode #68, ďTCOT Dubious Bridegroom.Ē Submitted by PaulDrake 33. [Fixed! 3s and 8s look alike at my age. daveb]

Itís interesting to note that Perry episodes get less racy as the years go on. For example, in this 1959 episode, Dawn Manningís bikini is quite skimpy. But in 1964ís TCOT Blonde Bonanza, Diane Adlerís bikini is comparatively modest. Itís as though the sexual revolution works backwards on this show! Submitted by Ed Zoerner, 3/6/2011.

The shield-and-axe decoration over Bordenís mantle is exactly like one that hung on the wall of my grandmotherís den. I have no idea what it is or where it comes from, but I wonder if it wasnít uncommon in the 1950s? Does anyone know anything about it? Queried by gracenote, 5/23/2011.
+ It shows up again in "...Spanish Cross" in Runyon's home; only the lower half is in frame, at about 10 minutes in, just as Della tries to call him. OLEF641 12/30/2020

Forgotten man: Did any of the characters know John Milton Carson? Did the police talk to him about his stolen (and damaged) car? They should have, it was on the property of a murdered man. Submitted by H. Mason 10/20/14

At times during her testimony, Loretta Harper's voice, mannerisms, and looks (especially the eyes) have an uncanny resemblance to Janet Leigh. DOD 07/14/18
When Fettridge takes the stand the second time, there is a brief shot from above and behind him. I donít recall such a shot in any other episode. DOD 09/26/23

It seems that a lot of these estates started with a B such as Borden, Baxter, Balfour... Submitted by Perry Baby 2/26/15.

Glove Compartment SWITCH: Usually a pistol is TAKEN; in this case, the weapon is put IN. Mike Bedard 6.28.16 MeTV airing.